Five major urban agglomerations explore the road "hydrogen energy" fuel cell vehicles welcome good results

  In the workshop of Beijing Yihuatong Technology Co., Ltd., workers are assembling hydrogen engines. Information photo

  With the implementation of the "double carbon" strategy, the development of China’s hydrogen energy industry has entered the "fast lane", and the transportation field represented by fuel cell vehicles has become an important breakthrough. The reporter of Economic Information Daily recently learned that the construction of five demonstration urban agglomerations of fuel cell vehicles in China has been accelerated, the core technologies have been continuously broken, and the hydrogen energy industry chain has been gradually improved. Under a series of favorable conditions, the delivery and commissioning of domestic fuel cell vehicles ushered in an intensive period. However, it is worth noting that the hydrogen energy industry is still in its infancy, and it is necessary to make efforts in infrastructure construction and other aspects.

  Fuel cell vehicles are intensively put into operation

  Every day, a number of special "green brand cars" will be ushered in at Shanghai Petroleum Qingwei Oil-Hydrogen Co-construction Station, which is the first batch of fuel cell network cars in China that have been put into operation recently. At present, there are only 80 vehicles in this batch, which operate around Hongqiao Airport and are expected to increase to 200 by the end of the year.

  This is a microcosm of the accelerated application of hydrogen energy in China. In August, 2021, the five ministries and commissions jointly issued the Notice on Launching the Demonstration and Application of Fuel Cell Vehicles, and agreed to start the demonstration and application of fuel cell vehicles in urban agglomerations submitted by Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. In December 2021, demonstration urban agglomerations of fuel cell vehicles in Henan and Hebei were successively approved, and a "3+2" fuel cell vehicle demonstration pattern was formed nationwide.

  As the leading city of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei fuel cell vehicle demonstration city group, the starting area of Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone built by Beijing was completed and put into operation in March this year. At present, the first phase of the Southern District project has also started construction, and it is expected to be completed within this year, expanding the testing, workshop and office space of the park. The second and third phases of the demonstration area are being planned and designed simultaneously to provide space guarantee for the subsequent projects.

  "We have built a perfect ecological chain for the hydrogen energy industry from special policies, industrial alliances, third-party testing and certification platforms, and standard formulation." Ren Juanjuan, deputy director of Beijing Daxing District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, said that at present, there are more than 1,000 fuel cell vehicles promoted in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration as a whole, and nearly 600 vehicles have been promoted in Daxing District, covering various application scenarios such as tourist buses, sweepers and heavy trucks.

  According to the Fuel Cell Vehicle Database released by GGII, from August 2021 to August 2022, that is, the first year of the national fuel cell vehicle demonstration city group, the cumulative sales of fuel cell vehicles in the five demonstration groups were 2590.

  According to the report of Chuancai Securities, under the background of the steady advancement of local policies, the delivery and commissioning of domestic fuel cell vehicles ushered in an intensive period. In the third quarter of 2022, a total of 1,346 fuel cell vehicles were delivered, of which more than 1,000 were put into use in five demonstration urban agglomerations. As a mature field of hydrogen energy application at present, the industrial effect of vehicle is gradually emerging.

  According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales of fuel cell vehicles also continued to grow at a high speed. In September 2022, the production and sales of fuel cell vehicles were 183 and 202 respectively, up by 18.1% and 16.8% respectively. From January to September, the production and sales of fuel cell vehicles all reached 2,000 units, up 1.7 times and 1.3 times respectively.

  nucleusHeart technology accelerates breakthrough

  In addition to policy support, accelerating the breakthrough of core technologies is one of the important supports for accelerating the demonstration operation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

  On the north side of Beijing Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone, in the production workshop of Beijing Yihuatong Technology Co., Ltd., on the production line with an annual output of 3,000 hydrogen energy engines, several workers are assembling precision parts, and monitoring the torque and angle in real time through intelligent electric tightening guns in their hands to avoid rework. On the next channel, countless small QR codes are marked on the ground, and robots shuttle back and forth. They can accurately deliver parts to the door through navigation and positioning technologies such as laser and vision.

  "At present, we have formed a comprehensive integrated hydrogen energy industry solution with fuel cell system as the core, and the power of hydrogen energy engine products independently developed and produced covers 30 kW to 240 kW." Bao Jianpeng, deputy director of the production department of Beijing Yihuatong Technology Co., Ltd. said.

  Another domestic hydrogen engine R&D and manufacturing enterprise in the park — — Beijing Wenli Technology Co., Ltd. has also built a series of fuel cell products and their core components through independent research and development, which are not only used in commercial vehicles and construction machinery vehicles, but also extended to non-vehicle fields such as mobile power supply and distributed power stations.

  "Our fuel cell engine technology is relatively mature, and the planned production capacity is 2,000 sets per year, while the air compressor can currently reach the production capacity of 20,000 sets." Zuo Linlin, deputy general manager of Beijing Wenli Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the Economic Information Daily.

  It is understood that there are currently 139 enterprises registered in Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone, initially forming a perfect hydrogen energy industry system. "The eight core component technologies of hydrogen fuel cells have basically achieved domestic autonomy and are still being iteratively upgraded." Ren Juanjuan revealed.

  Business people including Zuo Linlin have also felt this change in practice. In the early years, most of the key components and materials of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were imported from abroad. Now, except for some products such as power semiconductors, the parts purchased by the company have basically been localized, the supply speed has been further accelerated, and the cost of key raw materials has continued to decline.

  Advanced layout of infrastructure

  As a key part of the hydrogen energy industry chain, the role of infrastructure construction can not be ignored.

  Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone has the largest daily hydrogenation station in the world, with 8 hydrogenation machines and 16 hydrogenation guns, with a daily hydrogenation capacity of 4.8 tons, and about hundreds of hydrogen energy vehicles come here for hydrogenation every day. Hydrogen from the hydrogen refueling station can also be directly transported to the hydrogen-related testing center with an area of 1,500 square meters through pipelines.

  According to the data of the National Energy Administration, by the end of June, more than 270 hydrogen refueling stations had been built in China, accounting for about 40% of the global total, ranking first in the world.

  However, compared with the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the guarantee of hydrogen energy replenishment is still insufficient. "At present, our main limitation is infrastructure. If the hydrogen refueling station can keep up, the fuel cell will usher in an explosive growth." Zuo Linlin said.

  The reporter noted that at present, many places have issued plans to support the development of hydrogen energy industry, and infrastructure construction is one of the key points. For example, at a recent press conference, Tang Wenkan, deputy director of the Shanghai Economic Information Commission, revealed that a special plan for hydrogen refueling stations will be introduced, and the layout will be moderately advanced. In 2025, more than 70 hydrogen refueling stations of various types will be built and put into use to achieve full coverage of key application areas.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in Guangdong Province, 300 hydrogen refueling stations were built, including over 200 demonstration urban agglomerations. The financial subsidies for the construction of hydrogen refueling stations at all levels can reach up to 5 million yuan. Beijing will give 5 million yuan and 2 million yuan of fixed construction subsidies to hydrogen refueling stations built (including reconstruction and expansion) within the administrative area according to the rated working capacity of compressors of not less than 1000 kg and 500 kg in 12 hours respectively.

  Insiders pointed out that the hydrogen energy industry is still in its infancy, and the problems restricting development such as technology, cost and infrastructure are gradually improving, but it is expected that a major breakthrough will be achieved after 2025. The report released by Kang Yong, chief economist of KPMG China, shows that hydrogen energy is expected to take the lead in commercialization in the transportation field; Green hydrogen production, localization of key materials of hydrogen fuel cells and equipment of hydrogen refueling stations will become hot tracks in the hydrogen energy industry; The regional industrial layout of hydrogen energy has been rapidly formed.

"The Scare of the Spy Wars in the Deep Sea" ended, and Ruoyun Zhang got revenge and went to Yan’ an.

Last night (November 18th), the TV series "The Scare of the Deep Sea" ended successfully in the Golden Eagle Solo Theater of Hunan Satellite TV. In the drama, Chen Shan (Ruoyun Zhang) went to Yan ‘an to reunite with Yu Xiaoyou (Adi) after successfully intercepting the traitor Huang Zhizhong’s glorious task of handing over the map of Chongqing Arsenal to the Japanese … At the same time, the topic words related to the finale were widely spread on social networks. Topics such as # Stunned Ending # and # Chen Shanyu’s Little Night Reunion # have aroused the attention and discussion enthusiasm of netizens.

The ratings continue to shine, and the online hot discussion gains a good reputation.

Recently (November 18th), "The Scare of the Spy War in the Deep Sea" came to a close. Chen Shan not only successfully completed the task delivered by the organization, but also smashed the enemy’s plan again. After that, he went to Yan ‘an, a revolutionary base, and continued to fight for his country. Happily, after arriving in Yan ‘an, Chen Shan and Yu Xiaoye finally met. By the end of the season, the ratings of "The Scare of the Spy Wars in the Deep Sea" were excellent, and the single-day ratings continued to maintain the first place in the dual-network ratings of provincial satellite TV, reaching a maximum of 1.727 in CSM59 City. The play index of Vlinkage TV series ranked first on the 23rd. As of the date of publication, the reading volume of # TV series # was 2.52 billion, and the discussion volume reached 1.581 million, which kept the first place among TV series in the same period. What’s more worth mentioning is that the title of # Jing Zhe # has been listed on the hot search list of Weibo for many times, # Jing Zhe #, # Ruoyun Zhang is too difficult #, # Ruoyun Zhang’s reasoning #, # Jing Zhe’s lines #, # Love Yu Xiao Ye #, # Chen Xia came back with the family’s box lunch #, # Yu Xiao Ye saved Chen Shan #, # Chen He went offline #, # Zhang Li. Among them, # Distressed Yu Xiaoye # was ranked second in the hot search list, which was hotly discussed by netizens. Tik Tok platform leads in reading short videos related to the plot, and topics such as # Feeling distressed and staying up late # have been listed on the hot list of Tik Tok for many times.

With the continuous fermentation of online hot discussion, the audience highly praised the refined food production, story rhythm, characterization and other aspects shown in "The Deep Sea of Spy Wars". Exquisite style of the Republic of China, compact narrative rhythm, and actors full of texture and level of acting skills have won unanimous praise from professional film critics in the industry, and also gained a good reputation from the audience. KOL, a senior head and well-known media, deeply analyzed the communication value, production ideas, drama ideas, social values, industry orientation, etc. of "The Deep Sea of Spy Wars" from the perspectives of the breaking and standing of the theme, the innovative setting of the content of "Alternating Life" and the bright performance of young actors, and spread the core quality of the drama for the public. The article "Media Internal Reference" and "Decreasing the quantity and improving the quality is the key" mentioned that "The Scare of the Deep Sea of the Spy War" did not cater to the market blindly, but actually considered that "the content and quality catered to the audience’s preferences, and paid attention to the new space, rhythm setting and non-faceless creation of characters, etc., which became the first breakthrough for the producers in the process of creating a successful spy war drama." As a result, once the drama was broadcast, it gained a win-win situation of word-of-mouth and popularity. "Eagle Eye" of TV series analyzes that "the drama shows the great moment of the national crisis, and everyone is doing their best to protect the country and defend the country" from the aspects of the main characters in the final week of "The Scare of the Spy Wars in the Deep Sea", and "the delicate depiction of each character’s mental journey and growth process makes the role more three-dimensional".It also drives the audience to deeply understand the ideals and pursuits of people with lofty ideals in the war years.

"Sir Movie" praised the fast-paced and rigorous logic revealed at the beginning of "Spy Wars", saying that in the first and second episodes, "the director completed the heartbeat bombing of the audience with narrative without firing a shot." And use "spy, because of dislocation and brilliant; War, thrilling because of balance "spoke highly of the drama tension of the drama series." The "film and television monologue" published a document describing that "The Scare of the Spy War in the Deep Sea" truly combines the unique "detective-style" intrigue with the "national justice" choice. According to the article, "Surprise" reveals the tactics of the spy war world and the crisis of spy work ",and also thoroughly analyzes the" patriotic feelings flowing between real human nature "carried behind no vivid characters.

The emotional core of the drama series, such as caring for the country’s righteousness and paying tribute to the unsung heroes in the bonfire era, has been recognized and praised by many mainstream media in China. People’s Daily said: "Both Chen Shan and Zhang Li have their own beliefs and persistence. At the critical moment of national survival, they are willing to use themselves as kindling to ignite the bonfire of national awakening and rejuvenation. The love, affection, faith and national righteousness of the people in the play are intertwined, and together they have built a real and difficult historical process, which makes the audience unforgettable and forge ahead. "

Chen Shan Yuan Man completed the task and went to Yan ‘an to win the dawn with Yu Xiaoxie.

In last night’s finale, Chen Shan successfully intercepted the task of delivering the distribution map of the Japanese Chongqing Arsenal to the traitor of Juntong, and he embarked on the road of ending hatred by himself. Araki finally tasted the consequences and died in the explosion buried under the strings. Chen Shan thus destroyed the enemy’s plan to control aggression again. Afterwards, he accepted the arrangement of the Party organization and went to Yan ‘an, the revolutionary base, and met Yu Xiaoye. They smiled at each other and hoped for the day of victory … Once the ending was broadcast, netizens also had a heated discussion. "War is cruel and revolution is difficult. Chen Shan lost his closest relatives and friends, but at the cost, he gained more lives. Pain and suffering not only made him radiate the brilliance of human nature, but also made him understand the power of revolution and belief. He finally went to Yan’ an. Fortunately, in the days to come, there will be Yu Xiaoye, a relative. They smiled at each other and must have seen a more hopeful dawn of victory. "

"The Scare of the Deep Sea" was produced by Qiancheng Film and Television Co., Ltd. and Xinli TV Culture Investment Co., Ltd., and was adapted from the novel of the same name by Hai Fei, the winner of the People’s Literature Award and a gold screenwriter. It was written by Sun Hao, starring Ruoyun Zhang, Angel, Sean and Adi, starring Wang Longzheng, and co-starring Calvin, Li Qiang, Gao Shuguang, Wang Wanjuan, Luo Qiuyun and Ji Li.

"Ode to Joy 2" Conference: Shuo Yang "proposed marriage" to Tamia Liu on the spot.

"Ode to Joy 2" Conference: Shuo Yang "proposed marriage" to Tamia Liu on the spot.

  Zhongxin. com, Hangzhou, May 5 (Li Jiayu, Hu Xiaoli) On the 5 th, the "Happy Conference" and "Ode to Joy 2" conference hosted by Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. At the press conference, "Xiao Bao Zong" Shuo Yang launched an affectionate "marriage proposal" offensive to "Andy" Tamia Liu, while Qiao Xin and Olivia "exchanged roles" and performed against Fei Biao.

  In the stage of "competing acting skills" in the game, Qiao Xin and Olivia reversed their roles in the play, and they were torn apart on the spot, while Bridgette’s version of "Qu Xiaoyu" was domineering and slapped, and Olivia became a gentle and obedient girl "Guan Yuer" and cried at the scene.

  Not to be outdone, Tamia Liu, the "overbearing female general assault", took advantage of the situation to open her own "imitation skill MAX" and imitated the corner of Qu Xiaoyu in the play vividly, giving Olivia a thumbs-up in both expression and action details.

  The lovers "Andy" and "Xiao Bao Zong", which attracted the most attention of fans, also had intimate actions at the press conference. At the scene, "Xiao Bao Zong" Shuo Yang launched a fierce "proposal" offensive to "Andy" Tamia Liu. Although "Andy" repeatedly refused, Xiao Bao Zong knelt down in public with a wedding ring and made a deep confession, and finally "embraced the beauty".

  At the end of the conference, Tamia Liu, Rulu, Olivia and Bridgette shared their gains and growth in the process of role-building. Bridgette told his own "fragile" growth history on the spot; Jiang Xin revealed that he had been "inferior" because of non-academic; "Loose" Olivia admitted that he understood the meaning of constraints during his time as a trainee; Liu Tao lamented that he wanted to leave his life blank and return to zero.

  Ode to Joy 2 will continue to tell the story of five girls with different personalities who live on the 22nd floor of Ode to Joy Community. Among them, whether it is "Iceberg Control" Andy, or "narcissist" Xiao Bao Zong, or "real woman" Fan Shengmei … … Modern people can find the shadow of the urban diseases displayed by all kinds of characters in the play, and the deep focus on reality also makes the play highly anticipated before it is broadcast.

  It is reported that the conference of "Happy Conference" and "Ode to Joy 2" will be broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV on May 10th. "Ode to Joy 2" will land in China Blue Theater of Zhejiang Satellite TV on May 11th. (End)

"Village Super" Observation: The Power of a Football

  After "Village BA", there is another "village-level" sports event in Guizhou — — "Village Super".

  "Village Super", the full name of which is "Rongjiang (Sanbao Dongzhai) in Guizhou and the American Country Football Super League", is attended by 20 local football teams spontaneously formed by villages. Since the start of the competition on May 13th this year, "Village Super" has quickly screened the network with its grounded competition style and fiery atmosphere.

  Look at a set of pictures first to show you the scene of "Village Super" ↓

  On the pitch, wonderful scenes such as "hanging the golden hook upside down" and shooting from a long distance were staged in turn. The players came from all walks of life, including farmers, fruit vendors, restaurant owners, truck drivers and school students … … The youngest is 14 years old and the oldest is over 50 years old.

  The stands, which can accommodate more than 50,000 spectators, are packed. People from all over the country are cheering, including young people with boiling blood, children who have just learned to speak, and grandmothers in their eighties.

  During the intermission, the cheerleaders dressed in traditional costumes and singing and dancing went to the pitch, dancing dragons, playing lusheng and singing Dong songs … … The pitch changes into a "national stage" every second.

  There are also villagers from each village team who bring local specialties such as sesame cakes, rolled rice flour, bayberry and watermelon to the audience to "feed" and the scene becomes a "food exchange meeting".

  The prizes of "Village Super" are also unique and grounded, including pig’s trotters, Daoxiang fish, Xiaoxiang sheep and local geese … … Every weekend, the "Village Super" competition will last from afternoon to midnight, and the finals will be held on the evening of July 29th.

  The popularity of "village supermarket" has been going on, which not only makes Rongjiang people’s pockets richer, but also provides "new ideas" for rural development.

  "Pocket" is more drum    

  "Hello, do you have any rooms available on Saturday and Sunday this week?"

  "Sorry, the room is fully booked."

  "What about Saturday and Sunday next week?"

  "It’s full, too."

  This is a conversation with the customer when the front desk staff of a hotel in Rongjiang County received a reservation consultation call on July 20th.

  This hotel is less than 1 km away from the "Village Super" football field, and the front desk staff of the hotel said, "‘ Murakami ’ On the weekend of the competition, all our rooms were booked, and many guests booked them one month in advance. There will be a friendly match in August, and many rooms have been booked. " During the speech, the telephone number at the front desk kept ringing.

  The staff of another hotel in Rongjiang County said, "‘ Murakami ’ During the competition, more than 100 rooms in our hotel were full. Many foreign tourists booked in advance, and they couldn’t book a room if they booked late. "

  B&B is also in short supply. A tourist said: "We booked the hotel three days in advance. If we don’t do it in advance, we may have to sleep in a tent."

  At the call of the local government, many Rongjiang locals took out their own rooms and turned them into family hotels. A netizen posted on social media, "My home is ‘ Murakami ’ The football field is only 200 meters, and even my room was requisitioned by my mother for foreign tourists to stay. "

  The surrounding area of Rongjiang County also bears the accommodation needs of many "village super" tourists. Dali Village in Zaima Town is about 20 kilometers away from Rongjiang County. At present, there are 13 homestays and more than 200 beds. In the past two months after the "Village Supermarket" became popular, it was almost full every day.

  In addition to hotels and homestays, there are also local specialties that are in short supply.

  Outside the "Village Supermarket", the local government has set up hundreds of temporary free booths, such as barbecue area, special snack area and cold drink area, so that tourists can taste the special food of Rongjiang.

  A snack stall owner who sells specialty snacks such as Rongjiang curly powder and taro cake said: "We are busy from morning till night, and there are too many people to set up stalls until about 1 am. We can sell hundreds of bowls a day."

  Also busy is the owner of a cow-flat shop. "Usually, only one cow is killed every day, to ‘ Murakami ’ During the period, two cows were killed every day, and the turnover doubled than usual. "

  Besides "eating" and "living", Rongjiang’s "playing" is also out of the circle by "village supermarket".

  According to statistics, under the blessing of the superposition factors such as cool summer vacation and "village supermarket", during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the order of holiday products in Southeast Guizhou on the platform increased by over 150% year-on-year, and folk culture such as Dong folk songs, non-legacy batiks and long table banquets attracted a large number of tourists to embrace the beauty of the original ecology.

  Some travel agencies have launched group tour products related to "Village Supermarket", connecting several popular tourist attractions in southeastern Guizhou in series, such as "Guiyang+Rongjiang+Libo Seven Small Arches+Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village+Huangguoshu Waterfall for 6 days and 5 nights".

  The popularity of "village supermarket" has also brought fire to Rongjiang’s national characteristics products. Agricultural special products such as Rongjiang watermelon, Siraitia grosvenorii, Xiaoxiang sheep and white tea, and intangible products such as batik and embroidery appeared at the "Village Supermarket", which attracted the attention of many tourists.

  On the field, players compete and show their magical powers; Off the field, the football economy is in full swing. According to statistics, since the start of the tournament on May 13th, as of July 20th, Rongjiang County has received a total of 2,506,700 tourists, achieving a comprehensive tourism income of 2.839 billion yuan.

  The popularity of "village supermarket" has spread from football to eating, living and playing, which has made Rongjiang people’s pockets more drum, stimulated county economic growth and realized "village competition" to drive "village economy".

  "head" is richer

  Rongjiang County is located in the southeast of Guizhou Province, a mountainous county with a population of less than 400,000, but 50,000 people can play football. Seeing this data, some people may wonder: How can so many people love football in such a remote mountain county?

  When you really come to Rongjiang, you will find that this data is not exaggerated. Many villages in Rongjiang County have their own football teams. There are 14 standard football fields in the county, and all of them are open for free. Football seems to have been integrated into their blood.

  Dong Yongheng, currently ranked first in the "Village Super" shooter list, is a member of the Loyal Village Football Team. He opened a small shop in Rongjiang County, selling local specialties — — Roll powder. Because of his outstanding technology and accurate shooting, Dong Yongheng was affectionately called "the king of powder shooter" by netizens.

  Dong Yongheng and his teammates are mostly young. Although they work in different places, it is a habit for everyone to get together to play football on weekends for many years. Dong Yongheng said: "We have changed from cinder fields and sand fields to natural lawns and artificial lawns, but our love for football has not changed."

  The love of football is also mentioned by Wu Huayong many times. Wu Huayong is a member of the football team in Pingdi Village, Langdong Town. He once caught fire all over the net because of a beautiful "upside-down gold hook".

  In the game held on July 23rd, the football team of Pingdi Village in Langdong Town led by Wu Huayong regretted losing and stopped in the quarter-finals. After the game, Wu Huayong, who was sweating profusely, went to the sidelines to adjust his state. "If we fail, we will definitely lose, but we have done our best. Later, we will resume the game, find the shortcomings and move on."

  Speaking of the next plan, Wu Huayong, 35, said firmly that he would continue to play football because his love for football has not changed. "More young players may be trained in the future."

  "Village Super" has aroused people’s enthusiasm for playing football. In Rongjiang, there are children running on almost every court.

  During and after the game, the children in the audience will rush into the stadium and play with passing, dribbling and shooting; On the evening of the working day, there are many football players in the "Village Super" Stadium, including members of the middle school football team, pupils aged eight or nine, and children who have just learned to walk.

  Yang Boyi, eight years old, is one of them. He often comes to the stadium to play football. "Because he loves playing football, he saw ‘ Murakami ’ After the game, I like football more. "

  It’s summer vacation. On the football field of a primary school in Rongjiang County, students Wang and Qian are playing football. Wang, a seven-year-old student who just graduated from kindergarten, likes watching football and playing football at ordinary times. "When I grow up, I want to play ‘ Murakami ’ !” Twelve-year-old Qian is a member of the primary school football team and often watches the "Village Super" competition. "I hope to win a championship on behalf of the school team in the future."

  Rongjiang is a typical county-level football county in China and a pilot county of campus football in Guizhou. There are 14 national youth campus football schools and 41 county-level football schools.

  The No.2 Primary School in Guzhou Town, Rongjiang County is a national youth campus football school. The principal Yang Xianze said, "‘ Murakami ’ Create a good atmosphere, stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm for watching, learning and playing football, and make children love football more, which is very important for the development of grassroots football. "

  "As long as everyone is willing to walk into the stadium, this is a good start." Lai Hongjing, vice chairman of Rongjiang Football Association and a physical education teacher in Rongjiang No.1 Middle School, said that perhaps this is the meaning of "village super". "We are not cultivating athletes, we are cultivating their fathers and mothers."

  In addition to football culture, "Village Super" also provides a good opportunity to spread local national culture.

  Every time the "Village Super" competition breaks, the football field becomes the "stage" of national culture: the mysterious aquarium slowly walks by with its own words "Water Book"; Dong people sing the national intangible cultural heritage Dong pipa song … …

  There are also villagers who put homemade straw-woven Taurus, Jinlong and golden phoenix on the "Village Supermarket", stunning the audience. According to reports, Jinniu, Jinlong and golden phoenix were designed and built by two veteran artists in Rongjiang Langdong, and hundreds of people from all ages in the village participated in the production. Ms. Cheng, who participated in the production, said: "We want to show the traditional craftsmanship of Langdong to the people of the whole country."

  Love football and the participation of the whole people, "Village Super" shows the villagers’ pure love for football, makes football culture more deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and also shows us a Rongjiang with extremely rich spiritual life and strong cultural atmosphere.

  "New Ideas" of Rural Development

  The "Village Supermarket" held by Rongjiang not only promotes local economic development and creates a strong football atmosphere, but also provides "new ideas" for rural development in other regions of China.

  First, grasp the characteristics and focus on the characteristics that the masses like to see and hear.

  Xu Bo, the county magistrate of Rongjiang County, once said that among the 385,000 people in Rongjiang, nearly 50,000 people can play football and like to play football. "This number, think about all feel great! Therefore, engaging in football leagues is the local comparative advantage of Lijiang, because of the high participation of the masses, and everyone recognizes such activities. "

  Football is one of the favorite sports in Rongjiang County. Its local history can be traced back to the 1940s. With the move of Guangxi University into Rongjiang, football was also introduced. Later, the sport gradually spread from students to people outside the school. In 2020, Rongjiang County, as the last batch of counties to get rid of poverty and take off their hats, began to plan to continue rural revitalization, and football became the most distinctive cultural window in the local area. The 14th Five-Year Plan of Rongjiang County released in 2021 takes "building a strong sports county" and "vigorously promoting the healthy development of sports undertakings" as development goals. Also in this year, Rongjiang County was rated as the first batch of national county football typical counties.

  In recent years, Rongjiang county has taken many measures to promote the development of football, such as increasing football venues, holding various football leagues regularly, and doing a good job in the development of campus football.

  Second, promote integration and build a "sports+"brand.

  Football is Rongjiang’s advantage, and national culture is Rongjiang’s strength. There are more than ten ethnic groups living in Rongjiang, among which Miao, Dong, Shui and Yao ethnic minorities account for over 80% of the total population. There are more than ten world-class and national intangible cultural heritages, such as Dong folk songs and Dong pipa songs, which are rich in national culture.

  "Village Super" combines football with local national culture to create a brand with "sports+national culture". The football match and folk activities are staged simultaneously, which is not only a feast of football, but also a feast of culture.

  Next, Rongjiang will also build a brand of "sports+food". In August, Guizhou "Village Super" national food football friendly match will be held. A total of 276 football teams will participate, from Guangdong, Fujian, Hebei, Sichuan and other places. Most of the football teams will be named after local representative foods, such as Yangzhou fried rice football team, Nanjing salted duck football team and Wenchang chicken coconut football team.

  The "Guiding Opinions on Promoting Sports to Help Rural Revitalization" issued in May this year proposed to vigorously develop rural sports industry and help rural industry revitalize. Create brand sports events with the diversified integration of "sports events+rural tourism+traditional culture+national fitness", promote the deep integration of sports with agriculture, commerce, tourism and other industries, and empower the rural economy.

  Third, according to local conditions, government guarantees should be detailed and more intimate.

  "Village Super" is a large-scale rural sports event organized spontaneously by the people and widely participated by the masses. From team organization, schedule arrangement, program performance, prizes and other links, it is dominated by villagers.

  Xu Bo, the county magistrate of Rongjiang County, said that the local government did not directly participate, but mainly did a good job in logistics support such as filing for approval, maintaining order and improving sports facilities, and always made the protagonist of "village super" the masses and "village flavor" full.

  When talking about expanding the scale of "village super" in the future, Xu Bo said that there may be some specific problems, such as the upgrading of venue conditions and the shortage of grassroots coaches and referees. Rongjiang county is promoting the cultivation of football talents and supporting football education in characteristic schools by building training bases, running summer camps and setting up "village supermarket" public welfare funds.

  Report to the 20th CPC National Congress of the Party pointed out that Chinese-style modernization is the common prosperity of all the people and the coordination of material civilization and spiritual civilization.The popularity of "village supermarket" has stimulated county economic growth and enriched people’s spiritual life.It is a vivid interpretation of Chinese modernization practice.

  Before Taijiang "Village BA", after Rongjiang "Village Super", village-level events followed the fire. The next popular "village+?" What could it be? We will wait and see.

  Producer/Editor-in-Chief Li Zhe/Wang Xingdong

  Headquarters reporter/war star Cen Tang Wei

  Proofreading/Gao Shaozhuo

  Part of the picture source/vision china part of the content is integrated from Guizhou Daily, etc.

   cctv news

The ecological restoration of the Yellow River has an unknown story.

  The network theme activity of "Magnificent Yellow River Tour" in Shaanxi Province kicked off on September 10th. The reporter started from Dali County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, and went upstream along the Yellow River Highway to see the ecological restoration and environmental protection of the Shaanxi section of the Yellow River and visit the Yellow River protection project.

  From Yanchiwa to Bird Paradise, past lives of Chaoyi National Wetland Park in Dali, Shaanxi.

  There is a wetland park with a total area of 1,185.3 hectares in the north of Luohe River and 5 kilometers east of the county seat in Dali County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, where reeds are washed away, water plants are rich and beautiful, and water and sky are the same. Here is an important part of the Yellow River ecological circle, which is mainly based on protection and restoration. It is completely closed and not open to the outside world at present.

  Walking into the wetland park, one side is a lush expanse of reeds, and when you are in it, you can only hear the reeds "rustling sand" swinging with the wind, as if you were walking into no one’s land.

  On the other side, it is even more rare, with more than 7,000 acres of lake "autumn waters grow together". In addition to marveling at this vast lake wetland like the sea, we should also know that it has a miserable "past life" past. It turns out that the picture of water and sky and lush water plants used to be a headache for local people.

  What is the story from Yanchiwa to Bird Paradise?

  It was the earliest place to produce salt, and it flourished several times, leaving a valuable salt cultural heritage for Chaoyi. After liberation, Yanchiwa wetland no longer produces salt, and there are salt pits everywhere. In 1958, a large-scale trial planting of rice was unsuccessful here. In the 1980s, ponds were dug to raise fish, but later they were abandoned due to the increase of salt content in water and the aggravation of soil salinization. Later, after investigation and appraisal by wetland experts, it was determined that it was mainly saline lake, which was not suitable for planting rice and raising fish. Therefore, it was decided to give priority to protection, and all of them were closed for dredging and replenishing water.

  Ren Jianhe, director of the office of the Dali County Wetland Office, said that the implementation of the lake ecological restoration project began in 2012, and now 22.5 kilometers of protective fences, 1,000 mu of forest belts around the lake, bird watching platforms, docks and other supporting projects have been built, and efforts have been made to build a safe and healthy water, forest and lake life community. For better protection, the solar camera is now fully covered here, which is convenient for comprehensive monitoring.

  You may be curious about a question, where does such a large area of water come from?

  Ren Jianhe introduced that there are three sources: first, rainfall; second, because compared with the surrounding cultivated land, it is relatively subsidence of about 1 5 meters, and the farmland is higher than here, so the irrigation water of farmland can penetrate; third, the water from Luohui Canal is introduced. In this way, a large area of water that we see now has been formed.

  After restoration and protection in recent years, at present, the wetland reeds are washed away and the water plants are abundant, forming a large area of water surface, providing an important wintering place and habitat for waterfowl such as resident birds, winter migratory birds and traveling birds. The living environment of wild animals and plants has been effectively restored, and the world’s endangered wild animals, flamingos and national second-class protected animals, such as wart-nosed swans, have been discovered one after another.

  Nowadays, there are many birds here, and hundreds of species of birds inhabit the small island in the lake, which is called "Qiandao Lake" in Dali. The wetland park has a complete ecosystem, many animals and plants, and diverse vegetation community types, including 159 species of wild animals in 57 families, including swan, gray crane, red-footed falcon, heron and so on. There are 55 families and 164 species of plants, including reed, Suaeda salsa and Tamarix chinensis. It has high research value in natural landscape and historical culture such as ecology, scientific research, culture, education and leisure. The establishment of Chaoyang National Wetland Park in Dali, Shaanxi Province is of great significance for strengthening the protection of wetlands and biodiversity.

  See how the children along the Yellow River can maintain the healthy life of the Yellow River and promote the harmony between people and water in the basin.

  The Yellow River flows through Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other nine provinces, and is the boundary river between the two provinces. On the Shaanxi side of the Yellow River, the Yellow River Affairs Bureau of Shaanxi Province has a total length of 723.6 kilometers, involving Fugu, Shenmu, Jiaxian, Wubao, Suide and Qingjian in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Yanchuan, Yanchuan and Yichuan in Yan ‘an City, Heyang, Dali and Tongguan in hancheng city and Weinan City, with a total of four cities and twelve counties.

  Among them, the section from the junction of Shaanxi and Mongolia to Yumenkou Bridge, commonly known as the "Dabei main stream", is 584.1 kilometers long and belongs to the alpine canyon river. Yumenkou Bridge to Tongguan Railway Bridge, commonly known as "the main stream of Xiaobei", is 132.5 kilometers long. The river in this section is wide and shallow, with scattered water and frequent swings. It is known as "Hedong in 30 years and Hexi in 30 years" in history. Tongguan Railway Bridge below to the junction of Shaanxi and Henan is Tongsan reach, which is 7.0 kilometers long and is the reach of Sanmenxia reservoir area.

  The Yellow River has nurtured the sons and daughters of China, and every section of the Yellow River is also condensed with the careful maintenance of the sons and daughters on the shore. It is necessary to maintain the healthy life of the Yellow River and promote the harmony between people and water in the basin. Water administrative law enforcement, water administration supervision, flood control and drought relief, water resources management, engineering construction management, river management … … Must be persistent all the year round.

  In the Yulin Engineering Office of Heyang Yellow River Section, the Yellow River flows slowly like a golden ribbon, and the swallow-winged dam guards the local people like a guardian. The willow planted on the outer layer of the dam is also part of the protection project. On the protective dike, we met the staff of Heyang River Bureau and listened to them talk about the work of river regulation.

  Yulin Project is located in Yulin Village, Bailiang Town, Heyang County, between the 59-60 sections of Huangyu. The project was started in 1985. Ren Jinquan, chief of engineering management section of Heyang Yellow River Bureau, introduced the main functions of river regulation project to us. "It is an important local water diversion project — Donglei pumped water from the first-class station of Yellow River. "

  Yulin project includes Yulin village protection, Yulin lower extension, Yulin lower extension and recent Yulin control and guidance upper and lower extension projects, with a total length of 4299 meters and 50 dams. Among them, Yulin’s upper extension project is 1000m long and there are 12 dams. The fortification standard is the local flood of 4000m3/s in 2020, the elevation of dam crest is 358.28m, and there are 5135 cubic meters of ready-made stones. Yulin village protection project is 797 meters long and has 8 dams. The fortification standard is to prevent the corresponding flood in Longmen Station of the Yellow River in 2005. The elevation of the dam crest is 359.68-359.41 meters, and there are 3,434 cubic meters of ready-made stones.

  Yulin Downward Extension Project is 1002 meters long, with 12 dams. The fortification standard is to prevent the five-year flood at Longmen Station of the Yellow River in 2005. The elevation of the dam crest is 359.58-359.18 meters, and there are 2682 cubic meters of ready-made stones.

  The continuous construction project under Yulin is 1000 meters long, with 12 dams. The fortification standard is to prevent the five-year flood of Longmen Station of the Yellow River in 2005. The elevation of the dam crest is 358.99-358.59 meters, and the existing reserve stones are 2545 cubic meters.

  Yulin diversion downward extension project is 500 meters long, and there are 6 dams. The fortification standard is the local flood of 4000 cubic meters per second in 2020, the elevation of dam crest is 356.02 meters, and there are 2500 cubic meters of ready-made stones.

  In the Yellow River protection project, "there is no turning back when opening the bow", we must shoulder the heavy responsibility bravely, unite as one, overcome difficulties, and effectively use the "mother river" in protection to create a symbiotic environment between man and nature and a sustainable circular ecosystem. (correspondent Wu Yingfei)

There are many customs in Lantern Festival: lanterns set off fireworks across the bridge to touch nails and walk away from all diseases.

  BEIJING, Beijing, February 11th (Shangguan Yun) "Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month", solve riddles on the lanterns, watching the lion dance & HELIP; … Up to now, the traditional Lantern Festival still has many lively and interesting customs. Gao Wei, secretary-general of Beijing Folklore Society, told the reporter of Zhongxin. com (WeChat WeChat official account: cns2012) that eating Yuanxiao, watching lanterns and setting off fireworks are the main customs of Lantern Festival, and there are also some entertainment performances of dragon and lion dances. In addition, according to the reporter’s understanding, there is also a custom of "walking away from all diseases" in the Lantern Festival, hoping for health and safety in the coming year. Some women will dress up in costumes, walk out of the house together, cross the bridge to tide over the danger, and beg for children.

  Lantern Festival Lantern Festival: The image on the lantern can be changed, and the ice lantern is crystal clear.

  Lantern Festival is also called "Shangyuan Festival". Besides, there are many nicknames, such as Spring Lantern Festival and Lantern Festival, which took shape in the Qin Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. With the development of history, the activities of the Lantern Festival have been expanding, and the festival period has also expanded from one day in the Han Dynasty to ten days in the Ming Dynasty. At that time, the season has been connected with the Spring Festival, and the daytime is the city, and the lights are lit and fireworks are set off at night, which is very lively.

  Lantern Festival is a traditional custom. There are different styles of lanterns, some of which are image lamps made by imitating the modeling of all things, and some are vivid goldfish lamps, dragon lamps and tiger lamps … … To name a few. Sometimes, skilled craftsmen will paint folk stories and legends on all kinds of lanterns, such as Cowherd and Weaver Girl and Twenty-four Filial Piety, which adds a lot of interest.

  Because of the different lighting periods, the first day of lighting is called "trial lighting", the fifteenth day of the first month is called "positive lighting", and the last day is called "residual lighting" and "stop lighting". During the Song Dynasty, solve riddles on the lanterns, also known as the "Lantern Tiger", usually put various riddles on lanterns, and people who guessed it often got a small reward, while scholars drank, wrote poems and answered correctly.

  "Lantern Festival lanterns are particularly well sealed ‘ Angry storm lantern ’ , there are also ‘ Lantern ’ The heat flow generated by the candle in the lamp drives the wheel shaft to rotate, and the images on several surfaces of the lantern can be constantly changed. " Gao Wei said that there were ice lanterns two or three meters high in ancient times, carved into warriors or other images, crystal clear and lifelike.

  There is a difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: both boiled and fried are delicious.

  When it comes to the number one food on the fifteenth day of the first month, it must be Yuanxiao. Yuanxiao, also known as "Tangyuan", is similar in appearance, but slightly different in production techniques. Yuanxiao is "shaken": first, the stuffing is cut into squares of moderate size, and then the stuffing is soaked in water and put into a container shaped like a big sieve, which contains rice noodles. With the constant shaking, the stuffing stuck with Jiang rice flour eventually became a common Yuanxiao. The glutinous rice balls are mixed in advance, rolled into dough, and wrapped with stuffing like jiaozi.

  In recent years, the production of Yuanxiao has become increasingly refined. As far as dough is concerned, there are many types, such as Jiangmi noodles, sticky sorghum noodles and yellow wheat. The contents of fillings are also very rich, sweet, salty, vegetarian and everything. Sweet fillings include roses, sugar, assorted foods, bean paste, etc. People will also make five-spice Yuanxiao with mustard, garlic, leeks and ginger, which, according to homophonic terms, means hard work and long-term good meaning.

  How to eat Yuanxiao? Most people may say "cooking", but in fact, there are many methods such as steaming, frying and frying, which are equally delicious. On the day of the Lantern Festival, the family sat together and each person ate a bowl of Yuanxiao with soup, which was also enjoyable.

  "No matter which way it is made, this kind of food represents the wish of family reunion and harmony." Gao Wei said. (End)

Paris Olympic Volleyball Qualifying Tournament settled in China, and the group draw was held on March 17th.

  Image source: FIVB website.

  BEIJING, March 9 (Xinhua) According to the China Volleyball Association, some qualifying matches of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games will be held in China. Among the host countries of the Paris Olympic Qualifying Tournament announced by FIVB, China, Japan and Poland will be the venue for women’s qualifying matches, and China, Japan and Brazil will be the venue for men’s qualifying matches.

  The women’s qualifying tournament for the Paris Olympic Games will be held from September 16th to 24th, 2023, and the men’s qualifying tournament will be held from September 30th to October 8th.

  There will be 24 teams in the men’s and women’s volleyball qualifying competition, which will be divided into three groups, with 8 teams in each group playing single round robin, and the top 2 teams in each group will qualify for the Paris Olympic Games. The remaining qualifications will be generated according to the world rankings after the 2024 World Volleyball League sub-competition.

  On March 17th, 2023, the FIVB will hold a draw for men’s and women’s volleyball teams in Lausanne, Switzerland, and then the teams of each group will be determined.

Minimum MINUS 11°C! It will continue to snow in Guangxi!

On January 22,
Many places in Guangxi ushered in the first snow this year.
In xing an, Guanyang County, Guilin,
Ziyuan County, quanzhou county, lingyun county of Baise,
Rongshui Miao Autonomous County in Liuzhou,
Fengshan county in Hechi,
You can enjoy it
Snowflakes are flying all over the sky, and the beauty of the earth is wrapped in silver.
This strong cold air is really "frozen".
It has brought a rich weather "gift package" to Guangxi.
In addition to cooling, rainfall and strong winds,
Sleet, freezing rain and freezing are also on the line!
▲ Snowman in Guilin citizen’s pile. Photo courtesy of respondents
▲ On January 22 nd, there was a beautiful view of ice in Daming Mountain in Nanning. Lu hengxing
Statistics of Guangxi Meteorological Observatory,
Since the 19th, affected by cold air,
Guangxi continues to cool down,
Average daily temperature in most parts of the region
8 ~ 13℃, local 14℃ above;
Guilin, Liuzhou, Hezhou, Laibin,
Eight cities in Hechi, Baise, Nanning and Yulin
The lowest temperature in some areas is below 0℃.
The lowest is -8.3℃ in Guali Township, Ziyuan County, Guilin City.
In terms of rainfall,
There are moderate rains, local heavy rains and heavy rains in northern and western Guangxi.
There is light rain on cloudy days in other parts of Guangxi.
From 20: 00 on the 18th to 8: 00 on the 22nd,
Accumulated rainfall is greater than 100mm.
There are Maoershan (124.2 mm) in Xing ‘an, Guilin,
Liujiang Sanjiang Gaoji Township (102.2 mm),
50 ~ 100 mm
There are 95 townships in 23 counties (cities, districts) in 5 cities.
In addition, 25 counties (cities, districts) in Guangxi
Snow, sleet, freezing rain,
Freezing or road freezing;
Guilin, Liuzhou, Hechi, Baise,
Nanning, Qinzhou, Fangchenggang, Beihai and other cities
There is a strong wind of magnitude 8 or above.
▲ Snow scene in the suburbs of Guilin. Photo courtesy of respondents
January 22nd
Guangxi meteorological observatory continues to release
Low temperature blue warning and frozen yellow warning
Guangxi meteorological bureau
Level III Emergency Response to Major Meteorological Disasters (Cold)
Continue to take effect
▲ There is snow on the windowsill of the building near the East-West Lane in Guilin. Photo courtesy of respondents
The meteorological department expects
Affected by the continued replenishment of cold air
There are still in Guangxi from the 22 nd to the 24 th
Obvious low temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather
Maintain low temperature and cold weather from 25th to 27th.
At present, the 0℃ line has been pressed south into northern Guangxi.
It is expected that the 0℃ line will be pressed south to central Guangxi on the morning of the 23rd.
Next 3 days
The temperature in most parts of Guangxi is hovering in single digits.
The lowest temperature will appear on the morning of the 23rd.
Cold mountain area-11 ~-3℃
It is-3 ~ 1℃ in the northeast of Guangxi and 1 ~ 6℃ in other areas.
In addition, cold air will mix with warm and humid air.
Fighting over Guangxi
Guangxi will continue to be affected
Rainy and wet "magic attack"
Remember to bring rain gear when you go out.
▲ On January 22nd, it was raining at low temperature in Nanning, and citizens traveled with umbrellas. South China Morning Post All-Media Reporter You Yongjun Photo
Anyway, the next few days
Still cold and cold!
When will the weather in Guangxi get warmer?
The temperature began to rise after 24 days.
But the recovery is very difficult and slow.
It is difficult for the temperature to rise before the 28th.
This cold, snowy and freezing weather
Will continue to maintain
Little friends these days
Put down jackets, autumn clothes and trousers,
Put on all the clothes with velvet and thickening.
Hot water bottles, small sun and electric blankets are all used.
Turn on the air conditioner for heating and bake it on fire.
But remember to pay attention to the safety of using fire and electricity
The specific forecast is as follows:
23 rd: There is light snow, sleet, freezing rain, freezing and road icing in the alpine mountainous area and northeast Guangxi; There is light rain and local moderate rain on cloudy days in other parts of the region. There are 5 ~ 6 gusts and 7 ~ 8 northerly winds in eastern and southern Guangxi. Minimum temperature:-11 ~-3℃ in alpine mountain area,-3 ~ 1℃ in northeast Guangxi, and 1 ~ 6℃ in other areas.
24 ~ 26: there are sleet, freezing rain, freezing and road icing in the alpine mountainous area and northern Guangxi; There are scattered light rains on cloudy days in other parts of the region. Minimum temperature:-10 ~-2℃ in alpine mountain area,-2 ~ 2℃ in northeast Guangxi, and 2 ~ 7℃ in other areas.
27th: The whole region is cloudy, with light rain and local moderate rain in northern and western Guangxi. Minimum temperature:-2 ~ 4℃ in alpine mountain area, 4 ~ 6℃ in northeast Guangxi and 6 ~ 10℃ in other areas.
Reporter Li Yingxia/Wen, You Yongjun/Tu
Source: South China Morning Post

Ouma Software was investigated by six organizations: the company has five core technologies, such as data processing, artificial intelligence, cloud service platform, examination and marking, and info

  () The record of investor relations activities was released on February 1, 2024, and the company was investigated by six institutions, including other institutions, fund companies and securities companies. The main contents of investor relations activities are introduced:

  Q: The company has released the performance forecast for 2023, and the performance has increased significantly. What is the development of the company in 2024?

  A: In 2023, the company’s business recovered rapidly. The company’s examination services in the field of examination and evaluation were held as scheduled, and the service scale of some examinations increased, which made the company’s performance rise steadily and continue to improve. The company has continuously strengthened its technological and market innovation capabilities. While continuously improving the level and quality of technology research and development, it has steadily promoted the construction of market service network, obtained new business in national, provincial and municipal education and qualification examinations, and expanded its business space. Since the end of 2023, the company has successively won the bid for national and provincial-level platform construction projects such as national unified accounting personnel service management, provincial professional and technical personnel qualification examination registration service and comprehensive score information summary; Won the bid for a number of national, provincial and municipal qualification and education examination projects, and further developed the service scope. In 2024, the company will continuously enhance its independent research and development capabilities, improve service quality, continuously promote the construction of market service network, optimize the strategic layout of the market, expand national, provincial and municipal markets, and expand business space.

  Q: What are the opportunities in the company’s industry?

  A: According to the Statistical Bulletin on Education Development published by the Ministry of Education in the past three years, the total number of students and full-time teachers in all levels and types of academic education in China is increasing continuously, and the popularization rate of compulsory education is also increasing. At the same time, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security reduced or canceled the working years requirements of some admission vocational qualification examinations, which lowered the entry threshold for vocational qualification examinations and increased the number of examinees. At the same time, the rapid development of Internet and information technology has promoted the transformation of examination mode, which has made the industry have broad prospects. In recent years, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence have developed rapidly, and their integration with traditional industries is getting faster and faster, which is helpful to realize the rapid development of informatization in the field of examination and evaluation and expand the market development space. Driven by AIGC technology, new artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent marking and intelligent proposition will be continuously applied and iteratively updated, injecting new kinetic energy into the intelligent development in the field of examination and evaluation; At the same time, the expanded application of paperless examination will also open up new market space for future development.

  Q: What are the innovative advantages of the company’s technology?

  A: The company has been committed to the research and development and application of software and hardware in the field of examination and evaluation. Relying on provincial and municipal engineering technology centers and innovation research institutes as the basic platform, it has continuously focused on the research and application of cutting-edge technologies in the industry, forming a leading competitive advantage and technical barriers. The company has five core technologies, such as data processing, artificial intelligence, cloud service platform, examination and marking, and information security, which provide a strong guarantee for the company’s product development and technology upgrading. At the same time, the company pays attention to the research and application of new technologies, constantly innovates products, realizes the integration of the company’s business and new technologies, solves the major needs of the industry, and continuously consolidates and strengthens the company’s core competitiveness. At present, the company has obtained more than 400 patented technologies and software copyrights. In 2023, the intelligent marking project entered the list of the third batch of high-quality development projects of software industry in Shandong Province, and has been authorized by nine related invention patents. The company has won many honors, such as outstanding software enterprises in Shandong Province, "three excellent and two excellent" key factories in Shandong Province in 2023, and top 50 big data enterprises in Shandong Province. The company has always attached great importance to technology research and development, and invested a lot of personnel and funds in the research and development of new technologies and new products. In recent years, the annual investment in research and development has exceeded 12%. Taking products as the center and customer demand as the guidance, the company has established a research and development system for basic technologies, supporting platforms and industrial products, and formed a research and development management system including a research and development personnel management system, an intellectual property management system, a quality management system and an OKR key objective assessment management system.Achieve cross-departmental collaboration, unified management of the whole process and all factors, and provide a research and development system guarantee for the company to maintain the leading technology in the industry and the competitive advantage in the market.

  Q: In terms of examination service, will paperless examination be a business growth point in the future?

  A: With the rapid development and application of new technology in the field of examination and evaluation, the application value and effect of paperless examination are gradually emerging. At the same time as the paperless examination is carried out in the qualification examination, the paperless examination in the education examination has also begun to be piloted. Recently, the paperless examination for the private network of higher education self-study examination provided by the company was successfully piloted in Sichuan Province. This is the first time that paperless examination has been tried out in the self-study examination, which is one of the national education examinations, and it has played a leading role in expanding the implementation of paperless examination mode throughout the country. The paperless examination form greatly improves the organizational efficiency of the examination and the security of the examination paper. As a new examination mode promoted by computer network technology, paperless examination will be applied in more and more examinations and assessments;

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Minsheng Jiayin Fund Fund company — Xiangcai fund Fund company — Galaxy fund Fund company — Northeast securities securities company — Guotai junan securities securities company — Minsheng computer other —

The Shanghai Composite Index rose for 4 consecutive days, and the real estate and banking sectors broke out.

On Friday (January 26th), the A-share market reappeared the differentiated market of "Shanghai is strong and Shenzhen is weak". As of the final session, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2,910.22 points, up 4.11 points or 0.14%. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 8762.33 points, down 93.89 points or 1.06%. The small and medium-sized composite index fell slightly by 0.87%; The GEM fell by 1.52%; Kechuang 100 fell 2.98%. The turnover of the two cities totaled 839.484 billion yuan, 7% smaller than that of Thursday.
According to the statistics of Tongda letter, the ratio of A-share stocks rising and falling on that day was 2145: 3032; The proportion of stocks that have risen or fallen by more than 10% is 47: 18; The proportion of stocks that rose or fell more than 5% was 70:153.
The effect of making money on the disk is outstanding, especially the "classic blue chip" continues to interpret the legend of highlights. Specifically-
The real estate sector rose by 3.27%, exceeding 3% in the last three trading days, and "four-day increase of 18.19%" and "weekly increase of 10.11%" set the best records in 8.5 years and 21 months respectively. Among them, Pudong Jinqiao, China Enterprise 4 boards, China Communications Real Estate, Everbright Jiabao 3 boards.
The banking sector rose more than 1.5% for three consecutive days, the strongest record in nine years. Agricultural Bank of China broke through a record high, and ICBC was one step away from a record high. At the same time, the insurance and securities sectors also closed up slightly.
The blue-chip prefix continues to be short, China Railway Assembly has three consecutive daily limit of 20%, COFCO Capital, China Haicheng and Zhongcheng Co., Ltd. have three consecutive daily limit, China Television Media has four consecutive daily limit, and China Petroleum has soared by 6.38% to an 8.5-year high.
In addition, oversold low-priced stocks in the A-share market are popular collectively. Tongda letter design is smaller than 3 yuan’s low-priced stock index, which rose by 1.17% on the same day. In addition to the popularity of low-priced stocks on the main board, many low-priced stocks on the Growth Enterprise Market are also eager to move.
Shanghai’s main board rose strongly for four consecutive trading days, which finally released investors’ mood. However, on Friday after PetroChina’s daily limit, the constituent stocks of Shuangchuang Board fell sharply, especially when the "pharmaceutical sector collectively collapsed and fell" rushed to the hot search, which seemed to cast a shadow over next week. So, how should investors deal with the change when the central bank lowers the RRR for a week?
Tang Hewen, general manager of Jiangnan Avenue of Galaxy Securities, told upstream journalists that it is expected that the stock market will be dominated by deep bottoming and supplemented by blue-chip market next week. Perhaps a certain stage of buying points will be born before the central bank’s RRR cut on February 5, and investors may consider actively low-sucking.
(The views in this article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice. The stock market is risky, so you should be cautious when entering the market.)
Upstream journalist Wang Ye