In the name of "Milky Way", Geely set the top to create "Star" power

Text |Zhang Kun

design|Li Zhengwei

On February 16, Geely’s new mid-to-high-end series name "Galaxy" for the era of new energy vehicles was officially announced. From the name point of view, this name still has a strong "Li’s romance".

Those who are familiar with Li Shufu know that he has a strong "cosmic feeling" and his love for "stars" is beyond words:

As early as the beginning of the last century, Li Shufu said internally that the journey of Geely Automobile was the sea of stars; and on the flight back to China after Geely’s successful acquisition of Volvo in 2010, Li Shufu said to the full moon starry sky that perfection is the pursuit of the Chinese people, and then there is the Volvo that returns the tiger to the mountain; in the era of Geely 3.0 boutique car building, the naming of models such as Xingyue and Xingrui is also full of this color; even in the naming of many companies within Geely, the interstellar era, time and space, Taoyu… also reflect this romantic color.

In ancient times, people used to call the Milky Way standing on the dome the Xinghan, which was regarded as the most romantic and beautiful thing in the world. Therefore, Cao Cao sighed: "The Xinghan is brilliant, if it comes out of it".

Winning the firmament, wanting to compete with the heavens, this is the romance hidden in the bones of the Chinese people. In the name of the Milky Way, it shows a deeper expectation of Geely.

The famous philosopher Socrates once said that most of the success in the world is due to the inevitable results of accidental causes. If you pick the fruits from the wisdom of the sages, they can be roughly summarized into six words: time, place, and people.

For the current automotive industry, it is an era of rapid change that has left many people feeling unfamiliar.

In 2022, BYD rose to prominence, historically surpassing North and South Volkswagen to become the highest-selling enterprise in the Chinese auto market. The market share of Japanese and Korean models, which have always been known for their economy and durability, has contracted across the board, and the share of self-owned brand passenger cars will account for half of the country in 2022;

At the beginning of New Year’s Day, Barbarian Tesla’s incredible crazy price cuts set off a wave of new energy vehicle brand price fights, with countless brands involved.

After the Spring Festival, the world’s largest automobile company, Toyota, announced the largest personnel adjustment in recent years. The failure of Bz made it impossible for everyone to see where the world’s largest automaker by sales was headed.

Not long ago, the European Parliament passed a historic resolution by a narrow margin – 2035 ban on the sale of fuel vehicles. You know, Europe is the cradle of the world’s automobiles, and has accumulated a huge industrial chain cluster around the upstream and downstream of fuel vehicles;

The sales of traditional luxury brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi no longer made great progress, and the Japanese luxury car Lexus, which had always emphasized tonality, saw a decline for the first time. In contrast, the sales of Extreme Krypton, NIO, and Li Auto grew rapidly, and the new pattern of the luxury car market and the all-electric market has changed…

The world has changed, and so have the cars of the world.

There are black swans above and gray rhinos below. For most car companies, the days of smooth sailing and high clouds are gone, not to mention trying to eat all over the world through a novel routine.

Big waves require big changes.

In 2021, Geely officially established the extreme krypton car to face the high-end competition, and announced that it officially sounded the horn of competition for electric vehicles from a higher level. As of now, the cumulative sales of extreme krypton have exceeded 80,000 units.

If you look back, Geely’s journey on the track of new energy vehicles has not been smooth sailing. As early as 2016, Geely proposed the Blue Geely Action and launched a new Geometry brand within the Geely system. But whether it is the Geometry brand or Geely’s own new energy products, they have not achieved the corresponding expected goals in the market.

Looking back today, the core of Geometry’s success or failure may be the right time, the right place and the right person. The new energy vehicle products of the year were far less acceptable than today’s users, and Geometry’s actions at critical moments also deviated from the original planned track…

So in 2023, is Geely ready to embrace the smart electric era?

In terms of sales volume, Geely’s new energy vehicles achieved double growth in sales volume and penetration rate in 2022. The cumulative sales volume of its new energy products reached 328,727 units, and the annual new energy penetration rate was about 23%, which tripled compared with 2021. And the monthly new energy penetration rate exceeded 30% many times.

From a technical point of view, Geely has built an electrification system with multiple technical paths such as pure electricity, hybrid, power exchange and methanol. In particular, Raytheon Power and related electrification technologies have been widely recognized by consumers in the market.

From the perspective of organizational structure, Geely has undergone a series of talent echelon construction, especially under the demonstration of Extreme Krypton First, and has reached a high degree of recognition for the future of new energy vehicles.


Obviously, regardless of the sales volume of Geely’s new energy vehicles or the current Geely system’s understanding of new energy vehicles, the Galaxy starting in 2023 is more confident than the previous brand.

On the one hand, Geely has opened up the full link of new energy vehicles and accumulated a lot of technical experience by virtue of its layout in new energy vehicles over the past period of time. On the other hand, under the premise of scale, the Galaxy brand can participate in the market competition at the lowest cost.

These are the confidence that the Milky Way can break out of the confinement.

The current is the best time for Geely, but it is also the most painful time. But the real warrior is the ability to dare to innovate at the top of the critical moment. In the face of the surging tide of smart cars in the world, Geely must go to great lengths and have no way out.

According to some data, the future Galaxy series will have three power forms: pure electric, plug-in hybrid, and extended-range hybrid, and adopt a new design language and intelligent configuration, emphasizing direct user connection in operation. In addition, Geely’s "heaven and earth integration" intelligent security ecology is clearly visible, which is provided by the "sky eye" satellite, the "super brain" intelligent computing center provides computing power support and the super intelligent end point that is freely linked to intelligent things.

This means that in terms of the full set of playing methods, Galaxy is not limited to the past auspicious. With the positioning of the mid-to-high-end series, compared with new forces and friends, the sense of value should be increased, and the imagination space and expectations should be increased. However, due to the current data, we have not yet been able to fully and specifically analyze Galaxy’s playing methods and paths.

Looking back, during the months when the Galaxy project was revealed, some people believed it, some people questioned it, and some people were half-convinced. Between reason and emotion, most people did not dare to prematurely judge this ambitious plan. But what is certain is that Geely has enough imagination for his career.

There are no successful enterprises, only enterprises of the times.

In order to become a century-old store with a long-lasting foundation, enterprises cannot only think about making money, but must also correctly understand and have the courage to undertake the mission entrusted by the times, fully integrate and continuously strengthen their own capabilities and advantages, do the right things, important things, do what they can, and maintain innovation at all times.

The chain leader is "in command" and goes on an expedition, the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenz

Original title: The chain leader is "in command" and the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen

Source: Qingdao Daily

Original title: The chain leader is "in command" and the "first run" in the beginning of the year! Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen

Source: Qingdao Daily

Qingdao Daily News/Guanhai News, February 21, as one of the 24 key industrial chains in Qingdao, the software and information service industry chain played the "first drum" of different ground marketing at the beginning of the year. On February 21, the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen. This event was supported by the China Electronics Standardization Research Institute. Sun Wenlong, Vice President of the China Electronics Standardization Research Institute, Yu Yu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, and the relevant heads of more than 100 enterprises and institutions in Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, relevant districts and cities, and Qingshen attended the meeting. At the promotion meeting, the three key lists of Qingdao City were released, the Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base, the Qingshen Science and Technology Financial Cooperation Base, and the Qingshen Software Industry Information Base were officially unveiled.

Expand the market, promote recruitment, and organize a group to go to Shenzhen to show off "hard power"

As the "chain leader" of Qingdao’s software and information service industry chain, Yu Yu said in her speech that although Qingdao and Shenzhen are thousands of miles apart, the interaction between the two places has a long history. She introduced Qingdao with three "business cards" of "Island of Youth", "City of Entrepreneurship" and "Capital of Happiness". At present, Qingdao has become the fifth "famous city with Chinese software characteristics" and the first batch of "double gigabit" cities in the country, and is actively striving to establish an international communication business import and export bureau in Qinghai. In 2022, the industrial scale will reach 360 billion yuan, and the scale and growth rate will rank seventh and fourth in the country’s sub-provincial cities. A number of leading enterprises and key projects in the industrial chain such as BOE, Xinen, Huike, Foxconn, and Donghua Software have settled down. The industrial foundation and development ecological advantages are outstanding. Yu Yu introduced that Qingdao has also set up "Qingdao Brand Day" and "Qingdao Entrepreneur Day", and has established a "chain of ten thousand enterprises" platform to promote the upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial chain through chain demand, chain resources, and chain platform. Finally, she extended a sincere invitation to Shenzhen entrepreneurs, welcoming everyone to approach Qingdao, learn about Qingdao, and make contributions to Qingdao.

The Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology interprets the software and information service industry, talent development opportunities and related policies. Qingdao’s software and information service industry has a solid foundation, favorable opening conditions, and broad development space. In recent years, Qingdao has continued to strengthen policy supply, focusing on industrial policy guidance, and accelerating the construction of a more market-oriented and competitive industrial policy system through policy "formulation-publicizing-implementation-implementation" full-cycle innovation. In terms of talent policy, Qingdao mainly adopts three measures: stimulating leading talents, supporting the integration of production and talents, and strengthening empowerment protection, and strives to build Qingdao into a talent gathering highland in the new era. In order to allow more Shenzhen enterprises and talents to inquire, enjoy relevant policies and develop in Qinghai, the promotion meeting also specially printed the "Guidelines for the Implementation of the Talent Strengthening Youth Plan Policy" to realize the "two-way running" of enterprise talents and urban development.

At present, the layout of Qingdao’s software and information service industry has been continuously optimized, and a new development pattern of "integrated two-pole four-pillar multi-park" has gradually formed, with the West Coast New District and Laoshan District as two growth poles, and the four key areas of Shibei, Shinan, Licang and Chengyang. At the meeting, the representatives of the West Coast New District, Shibei District, Qingdao Shinan Software Park and Qingdao International Innovation Park as key areas and parks will promote and make precise efforts to further supplement, strengthen and extend the chain, and promote the concentration of various elements such as talents, technology and capital to Qingdao.

Release more than 100 key lists, Qingshen base deeply empowered

At the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference, Qingdao released a series of key lists based on application needs. Hisense Group Holding joint stock company, Qingdao Aokema Holding Group, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd., and soft control joint stock company brought 50 ecological partner lists, covering products, technologies, solutions and other needs. At the same time, 150 "future city" scenario lists related to the software and information service industry chain, 81 Qingdao "list of needs and achievement lists were also unveiled.

To promote the leap of industrial energy level, it is inseparable from solid talent support, surging scientific and technological power, precise drip irrigation of financial "living water" and smooth information transmission. At the Qingdao Software and Information Service Industry Chain Promotion Conference, Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base, Qingshen Technology and Financial Cooperation Base, and Qingshen Software Industry Information Base were officially launched, further promoting the multi-dimensional empowerment and deep integration of the two places in the software and information service industry chain.

The Qingshen Software Talent Exchange Base is jointly built by China Qingdao International Economic and Technological Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen International Talent Exchange Center. It is dedicated to promoting in-depth interaction between talents in Qingshen and Shenzhen, and building a co-construction, sharing and win-win platform for entrepreneurs and innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the two places. The Qingshen Technology Financial Cooperation Base is jointly built by Qingdao Haifa State-owned Capital Investment and Operation Group Co., Ltd., Qianhai Ark Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Qianhai Ark Fund Group. It provides financing services covering all stages of growth for high-tech enterprises and patent demonstration enterprises in the software and information service industry. The Qingshen Software Industry Information Base is jointly built by Qingdao Daily Press Group "Guanhai News" and Shenzhen Press Group "Reader News". It will focus on the information of the software and information industries in Qingshen and Shenzhen, tell new trends, new measures and new stories of the industry, and continue to create a new window and platform for "Qingshen" cooperation and exchange.

Take the initiative to "knock on the door" for precise docking, and sign contracts for 6 major projects

Projects are the source of increment, the foundation of development, and the stamina for the high-quality development of the industry. At the meeting, six key projects, including the Qingdao Yuanhub Zhixing Project, the Shenzhen University Strategic Cooperation Project, the Huawei End Point Whole House Smart Project, the Fuguang Technology Project, and the Digital Connection World "One Old and One Small" Digital People’s Livelihoods Project, were signed.

The strategic cooperation project of Shenzhen University is an industry-university-research project cooperated by Shenzhen University and Qingdao Ruiyuan Engineering Group. It plans to settle in Shandong Robot Industrial Park in Qingdao West Coast New District. The project focuses on smart cities, intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, life and health, and will gather and cultivate high-end talents. It will use major engineering technologies such as magnetic levitation to carry out research in scientific research, projects, applications, etc., and form a number of advanced innovation achievements.

"We will set up the northern headquarters and product operation R & D center in Shinan District. The next step will be to join Qingdao Haiming Urban Development Co., Ltd. to introduce our full range of meta-universe entertainment products in the historical and cultural district of Zhongshan Road, and also cooperate in the government meta-universe." Wu Bien, COO and co-founder of Guangdong Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. is a MR manufacturer with mature MR hardware, system design and large-scale production capabilities in China. With the completion of the company’s northern headquarters, new hardware R & D and production and more upstream and downstream partners for MR content development will be introduced in Qingdao.

During the exchange and docking session, various districts and key software parks in Qingdao held in-depth negotiations with leading enterprises in the software and information service industry in Shenzhen. Shenzhen enterprises agreed that through this promotion meeting, they had a more comprehensive understanding of the development advantages of Qingdao’s software and information service industry, and expressed strong investment interest and strong willingness to cooperate.

"Going out" targeted promotion is precise and effective, and "bringing in" industrial clusters improve quality and efficiency. In the future, Qingdao will continue to "enlarge the coordinates, raise the benchmark", seek a higher level of cooperation, and jointly explore the "digital blue ocean". (Qingdao Daily News/Guanhai News reporter, Wen/Liu Qin, picture/Li Zhuyin)

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

On the evening of April 24, Hengda Motor announced in an announcement that the Tianjin factory had suspended production of the Hengchi 5 due to insufficient funds. Before that, Hengda Motor also suspended other factories and concentrated resources on production at the Tianjin factory. The suspension of production at the Tianjin factory means that the first model of the Hengchi brand, "Hengchi 5", will be suspended for a period of time, but Hengda Motor said it expects to resume production in May 2023.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

Hengda Automobile’s suspension of production had long been foreshadowed. On March 22, Hengda Automobile has issued an announcement indicating that Hengchi 5 is in continuous mass production. As of March 23, 900 vehicles have been delivered, and informed the outside world that Hengda Group will face the risk of suspension in the case of not being able to obtain new liquidity. On the same day, Hengda said in the announcement that in order to concentrate financial resources to support the mass production of Hengchi 5, the company continues to promote cost-saving measures, including optimizing the staff structure. In addition, according to the original plan, a total of 5 billion-7 billion yuan will be required from 2023 to 2026 to support its plan to launch a number of flagship models. Hengda Automobile pointed out that in the case of not being able to obtain new liquidity, Hengda New Energy Vehicles will face the risk of suspension.

Combined with the analysis of the announcement disclosed yesterday evening, it means that the financing plan of Hengda Automobile is not going well, but yesterday evening China Hengda and Hengda Automobile both issued announcements to announce another way out of the predicament – China Hengda intends to acquire 2 yuan Hengda Automobile related projects and collect about 24.80 billion debt to help Hengda Automobile out of the predicament.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

China Evergrande and Hengda Automobile announced in separate announcements that China Evergrande intends to acquire 47 residential and property development projects under Hengda Automobile for 2 yuan. After completion, Hengda Automobile will no longer have any interests in the sale group. At the same time, China Evergrande will undertake liabilities of about 24.789 billion yuan for these projects as the transaction price. According to the announcement, the 47 projects sold by Evergrande Automobile include 21 Hengda Health Valley projects, 5 Hengda Health City projects, and 21 various property development projects. The projects are located in Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan and other cities. Evergrande Automobile said in the announcement that after the transaction is completed, it will continue to operate the existing main business of the new energy vehicle division and hold one residential and property development project in Tianjin and Nanning. In addition, Hengda Motor also stated that since it is only required to pay a nominal consideration of 2 yuan for the sale, the company does not expect to receive any net proceeds from the sale.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

That is to say, there will be almost no gain from the internal transaction. In this regard, China Evergrande said: "Considering the recent orientation of investors towards companies listed on the Stock Exchange that are mainly engaged in the new energy vehicle division, the board believes that the valuation of Evergrande Automobile can be improved by concentrating Evergrande Automobile’s business in the new energy vehicle division, which may help attract investors to join Evergrande Automobile and raise funds." At the same time, China Evergrande believes that the restructuring can optimize the structure of Evergrande Automobile Group, allowing it to focus on the development of the new energy vehicle division and allocate suitable resources to the research and development and production of new energy vehicles in the new energy vehicle division. In addition, Evergrande Automobile pointed out that it is actively seeking external potential investors for possible cooperation opportunities. As of the date of the announcement, no definitive agreement has been signed with any potential investors.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

In addition to reducing debt and attracting potential investors, China Evergrande also said in the announcement: "As part of the overall restructuring plan of its overseas debt, it is currently expected that the company’s financial creditors will be able to obtain bonds that can be exchanged for Evergrande Automobile shares on certain terms. Therefore, these creditors will also benefit from the value growth of Evergrande Automobile Group." According to the overseas workout announcement issued by China Evergrande, there are debt repayment plans linked to Evergrande Property and Evergrande Automobile shares in the corresponding debt repayment terms for investors to choose.

According to public information, Hengda Automobile, formerly known as Hengda Health, was initially responsible for operating China Evergrande’s big health business. In 2019, Hengda announced its entry into the field of new energy vehicles. In August of the following year, Hengda Health was renamed Hengda Automobile, responsible for promoting the research and development, production and sales of new energy vehicles, as well as the elderly care industry.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

So far, Hengda Automotive’s product matrix has a total of 9 models, including Hengchi 1, Hengchi 2, Hengchi 3, Hengchi 4, Hengchi 5, Hengchi 6, Hengchi 7, Hengchi 8 and Hengchi 9. The model grades include cars, SUVs, and MPVs, covering all grades from A to D. However, only one model has been mass-produced so far, and only 900 new cars have been delivered before they are discontinued.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

Hengda Automobile annual report data show that during the period of 2018-2020, Hengda Automobile lost 1.429 billion yuan, 4.426 billion yuan and 7.394 billion yuan respectively, that is to say, Hengda has accumulated 13.249 billion yuan in three years.

Although Hengda Automobile’s first model, Hengchi 5, has been mass-produced and listed, it is far from pulling Hengda Automobile out of the quagmire, which is mired in financial crisis. The latest financial report shows that as of December 31, 2021, Hengda Automobile’s total assets were 59.521 billion yuan, total liabilities were 58.83 billion yuan, and the asset-liability ratio reached 98.84%.

Obviously, the financial crisis has become an unavoidable problem in the process of Hengda Automobile’s car construction. Judging from the current situation of Hengda Automobile, if Hengda Automobile wants to continue to operate normally and mass-produce more new cars in the future, it means that Hengda Automobile still needs a lot of "blood transfusion". At present, Hengda is facing a lot of information about the person being executed. Under the fierce market competition, no one knows how high the wind wave Hengda Automobile can set off in the future. As for whether the Hengda Automobile crisis can be improved after this internal reorganization, the answer will soon surface.

Evergrande Auto has been completely shut down!

New car compulsory traffic insurance data shows that since the official delivery on October 29, 2022, Hengchi 5 has delivered a total of 975 vehicles, of which 519 vehicles will be delivered in 2022 and 456 vehicles will be delivered in the first two months of 2023.

Autonavi map wheelchair navigation goes online in Changsha

On May 17, it was learned from Autonavi Maps that Autonavi Maps wheelchair navigation will be officially launched in 7 cities including Changsha and Wuhan this month. In addition to cities such as Beijing and Shanghai that have already landed, Autonavi Maps wheelchair navigation has been supported in 13 cities across the country.

  Autonavi Map Wheelchair Navigation is a public welfare project specially developed for people with disabilities and walking disabilities. Since its launch in November 2022, the cumulative number of services provided has exceeded 2.30 million times.

  It is understood that the biggest difficulty in ** chair navigation is not technology, but "empathy". Because of this, the Autonavi map wheelchair navigation R & D team has done a lot of research and interviews, and even engineers have tried to sit in a wheelchair by themselves to perceive the difficulty of traveling for people with disabilities as much as possible. According to the research results, the core problem that people with disabilities rarely go out may not be that there are few barrier-free facilities, nor that they are unwilling to go out, but that it is impossible for people to remember every barrier-free facility and related routes in the city, and they are not willing to ask for help and trouble others frequently. And Autonavi map wheelchair navigation is to use technology to make friends in wheelchairs feel as safe and confident as possible when traveling, and relieve anxiety.

  Wheelchair users in 13 cities, including Changsha, now only need to turn on "barrier-free navigation" in the settings options on the Autonavi map app. Later, when using walking navigation, they will avoid underground passages, pedestrian bridges and other wheelchair-inaccessible sections. It can also combine barrier-free facilities such as barrier-free elevators and lifts to plan a barrier-free route for users.

The sales volume of the Great Wall Gun has exceeded 10,000 for six consecutive months. Netizen: C-position hammer of pickup ring!

By the beginning of November, the automobile sales season of Golden September and Silver 10 has come to a successful end. Although the market economy has been affected to some extent this year, it can be seen from the pickup truck sales data that people’s purchasing power is still strong, and the sales of most brands in the pickup truck market have increased year-on-year. Among them, the Great Wall pickup truck sold 20,405 vehicles worldwide in October, up 28% year-on-year, and the sales volume exceeded 20,000 vehicles for six consecutive months, accounting for nearly 50% of the market, showing the strong strength of the leader.

Continue to win the championship, and the strength is certified by the owner.

As the seed player of the Great Wall pickup truck, the strength of the Great Wall Cannon can’t be underestimated. Its sales volume continued to rise in October, reaching 11,291 vehicles, and its sales volume exceeded 10,000 for six consecutive months. It continued to win the championship in the pickup truck market and was phenomenal in the eyes of many pickup truck fans.

Then the question is, why can Great Wall Gun win the favor of car owners among many pickup brands in China auto market? We should focus on the demand level of prospective pickup truck owners today. Nowadays, the owners of pickup trucks are no longer engineering bosses and contractors decades ago, and young users who pay attention to driving experience have become a fresh force. The reason why they chose the Great Wall Gun is very simple. It has cool appearance, good comfort and passability, and most importantly, it is economical and has a high cost performance.

Empowering hard core strength to meet users’ needs

Take the pickup truck for the Great Wall Artillery as an example. In the aspect of driving experience, it adopts the suspension form of front double wishbone and rear multi-link. The measured adjustment experience is comfortable, and the vibration filtering and noise control are excellent. Coupled with the wrapped leather seat, the whole driving experience is comfortable and comfortable. Equipped with ACC adaptive cruise and 360-degree look-around system, the former realizes the autonomous deceleration or acceleration without the intervention of the driver, greatly reducing the driver’s fatigue, while the latter can make the owner clearly see the surrounding images during the reversing process, avoid the occurrence of collision accidents, and solve the problem of difficult parking from the source.

The Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is the first all-terrain mass-produced off-road pickup truck in China. It inherits the dual product characteristics of pickup truck and SUV, and it shows remarkable off-road performance and comfort performance. In terms of off-road performance, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck has more than ten unique off-road equipment with fever level, all of which are the first equipment of China pickup truck, such as three locks, tank turning around, crawling mode, seven driving modes, wading throat and off-road expert mode, which can tackle the extreme off-road sections and help enthusiasts get through every inch of rotten roads smoothly. In addition, the oversized rear bucket of the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck can also be customized privately, which can easily open the life of the whole scene pickup truck.

Walking nonstop, playing outside the circle attracts onlookers.

This year, the Great Wall Gun kept on walking. It not only released the diesel 8AT used by the Great Wall Gun/commercial pickup truck, but also fully contracted the needs of users for leisure life, home and business. At the Beijing Auto Show, it released the combination of "three guns and one bomb", which attacked the field of electric pickup trucks, expanded the product matrix, created explosive modified models, and spread the pickup truck culture, which was amazing.

Of course, as a "trendy" pickup truck, the Great Wall Cannon also knows the psychology of young people, and put a number of big moves in the recent hot "Double Eleven snapping season". From October 21 ST to November 30 th, as long as you start with the gasoline version of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Artillery, you can save 2500RMB; in a limited time; Start with the great wall gun off-road pickup truck and give a 3000RMB off-road gift package in a limited time; Starting with the diesel version of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun and the commercial pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun, you can save 1500RMB in a limited time. In addition, in the Super Live Night of the Great Wall on November 7th, Vega and Orfila formed a brother and sister CP, giving exclusive benefits in the live broadcast room, so don’t be too cool!

It can be said that the all-encompassing Great Wall Gun has been recognized by the majority of car owners once it is launched. It not only has an excellent reputation, but also has achieved great success in sales. In the face of the different needs of a new generation of car owners, we constantly introduce brand-new pickup trucks that meet the needs of users, and make the "pet powder" to the extreme, which may be the reason why Great Wall Cannon can be favored by users!

Tiggo 9 in Changchun is on hot sale, with a reserve price of 140,900! Preferential treatment waits for no man.

Recently, the preferential promotion channel in Changchun, car home has launched an exciting news: Chery Automobile’s flagship SUV model is undergoing preferential promotion. This offer covers Changchun area, bringing benefits of up to 12,000 yuan to consumers. The starting price of this model is only 140,900 yuan, which is believed to be the first choice for many consumers. If you want to know more about the discount details of Tiggo 9, please click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

The design of the Tiggo 9 car series is full of sense of movement and strength. In the front part, the Tiggo 9 adopts a large-area air intake grille, and the interior of the grille is dotted with exquisite lattice chrome decoration, which is very atmospheric. The front face is tough and smooth, giving people a strong visual impact. The headlights of Tiggo 9 use a sharp LED light source, which is very impressive when lit. The side lines of the car body are smooth and have a strong sense of lines, showing a strong sense of movement. The overall style is fashionable and full of strength, which shows the luxurious temperament of Tiggo 9. In addition, the Tiggo 9 car series also uses two exhaust pipes from both sides to make the whole car look more sporty. Overall, the design of Tiggo 9 is very attractive, giving people a very domineering feeling.

Tiggo 9 is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4820*1930*1699mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, with smooth body lines and stylish design. The front tread of Tiggo 9 is 1638mm, the rear tread is 1641mm, the front tread of tyre size is 245/50 R20, and the rear tread of tyre size is also 245/50 R20. It adopts large-size rims, which shows its sports style. The car side lines are smooth, and the outline lines are simple and smooth, showing the luxury temperament of Tiggo 9. Generally speaking, the design of Tiggo 9 is both sporty and luxurious, and it is a leader in a medium-sized SUV.

The interior design of Tiggo 9 is fashionable and atmospheric, with high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship. The steering wheel is made of leather, which makes it feel comfortable. At the same time, it also supports manual up and down+front and rear adjustment, providing drivers with a more personalized driving experience. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and skylight, and the operation is simple and convenient. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main seat supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support. The auxiliary seat also supports front and rear adjustment and backrest adjustment. The front seat also has heating and ventilation functions, and the driver’s seat also has electric seat memory function. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment and the rear seats support proportional reclining, providing passengers with a more comfortable riding experience. In addition, the front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. Generally speaking, the interior design and configuration of the Tiggo 9 are excellent, bringing a comfortable and convenient car experience to drivers and passengers.

The Tiggo 9 is powered by a 2.0T 261 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This engine can provide sufficient power for the vehicle, which makes the Tiggo 9 perform well during acceleration and driving. At the same time, the equipped 8-speed automatic manual transmission can realize smooth shift operation and improve driving comfort and maneuverability. The performance of this engine is stable and reliable, suitable for daily city driving and long-distance travel.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, he spoke highly of the design of Tiggo 9. He said that the front grille shape and penetrating taillights of the Tiggo 9 are very beautiful, which makes him like this car very much. It can be predicted that Tiggo 9 will bring an atmospheric and fashionable driving experience to consumers. No matter on urban roads or suburban mountain roads, Tiggo 9 will become a beautiful landscape. For those consumers who pay attention to design, Tiggo 9 is undoubtedly a very good choice.

Hundreds of computers manipulated the stock price, and the CSRC fined Beibadao Group 5.5 billion yuan.

  Xiamen Beibadao Group manipulated the stock price, and the CSRC will issue the biggest fine of 5.5 billion yuan to it. On March 14th, the Inspection Corps of China Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed to the outside world that Xiamen Beibadao Group had speculated on three sub-new shares of Zhangjiagang Bank, Hesheng Shares and Jiangyin Bank, and accumulated a profit of 945 million yuan during the manipulation period. The CSRC will impose a penalty of "no penalty for five" on Beibadao Group, with a total fine of about 5.5 billion yuan.

  pay close attention

  Employees of Beiba Road scratched inspectors to destroy evidence.

  According to the information disclosed by the CSRC, the illegal operation target of Beibadao Group is mainly sub-new shares. Due to the restriction of the lifting of the ban by major shareholders, the number of tradable shares is small, and the amount of funds is the same. Compared with large-cap stocks, the manipulation of subordinated shares has the effect of "four or two", and the ups and downs are even more intense. If once the operation is successful, a single new share will basically increase by more than 40%, and there is huge room for profit.

  According to the inspection and law enforcement personnel of the CSRC, Beibadao Group used more than 300 stock accounts, more than 100 computers and more than 10 traders to trade at the same time, and used a lot of capital allocation. During the investigation, the senior management and related personnel of Beibadao Group refused to cooperate with the investigation, and the accountants scratched the inspectors of the CSRC to destroy the evidence.

  According to people close to the CSRC, individuals are generally punished for manipulating the stock price, but the punishment target is the group, which shows that the gangs and corporatization operations that manipulate the stock price in the secondary market are becoming increasingly obvious. The actual controllers often rely on the personnel and capital flow of industrial companies to form teams to manipulate the stock price, and the methods are relatively hidden.

  The exchange’s current big data screening technology is very advanced. Once multiple suspicious accounts are found to buy the same stock in large quantities at the same time, inspectors will go to the local inspection according to the stock price performance. "It is obviously unreasonable to find more than a dozen people and more than one hundred computers in an office. Such companies will enter the field of vision of key inspections. "

  reveal a secret

  Beiba Road, which started from container transportation.

  There is very little official information about Beibadao, and its group official website can’t browse it normally. One of the most reprinted reports was the report "Black Hole of Railway Freight: The Nugget of Beibadao" and "The Methodology of Box Packing" published by Caijing National Weekly in August, 2014. The investigation revealed that Beibadao Logistics Group Co., Ltd. occupied a huge market share of railway container freight, and was suspected of violating laws and regulations, including using containers to transport coal, using "box packing" and other methods to evade railway freight, and the time was as long as 8 years. According to the report, the largest natural person shareholders of Beibadao Logistics Group and Beibadao Investment Holding Co., Ltd., which was newly established in April 2013, are Lin Yuting, the daughter of Lin Qingfeng, with subscribed capital contributions of 131.5 million yuan and 45 million yuan respectively. Beibadao is seeking acquisition to prepare for listing.

  The only personal information about Lin Qingfeng, the head of Beibadao Group, is from the 2014 MGM-Hurun China Yacht Industry Report issued by Hurun Research Institute. The report shows that Lin Qingfeng owns a personal tailor yacht worth about 36 million yuan — — "Ferrari 800", ranked 13th.

  According to public information, the full name of "Beibadao" is Beibadao Logistics Group Co., Ltd., a private enterprise established in 1993. The largest private railway container operator in China, with fixed assets of nearly 3 billion yuan, has 23 container freight station and branches all over 9 provinces and municipalities.

  press sb for an interview

  It is behind the highest P/E ratio of Zhangjiagang Bank.

  In April 2013, Beibadao Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, later renamed as Beibadao Group Co., Ltd., and its legal representative was "Lin Huihui". The shareholding structure shows that Lin Yuting holds 90% of the shares and Lin Qingfeng holds 10%. Market speculation, Lin Huihui and Lin Qingfeng should be related, even father-daughter relationship.

  What makes this company famous is the large-scale speculation of sub-new shares in April 2016, which is rare for its fierce and high-profile style. They have a fixed style, and they concentrate on one stock for a certain period of time, and wash the new shares on a weekly basis.

  From February to March, 2017, a number of sub-new shares affected by bad news in the early stage began to enter a period of strong rebound. The market believes that Beibadao Group is involved in this round of speculation at this time. From February 6th to April 5th, Zhangjiagang Bank saw the highest increase of 200%, setting a record price-earnings ratio of 63 times in the banking sector. In addition to Zhangjiagang Bank, Hesheng Shares and Jiangyin Bank, there are also Zhezhong Shares, Baota Industry, Nanjing Port, pioneer electronics, Tongli Cement, Gansu Power Investment, etc. Most of these "monster stocks" are considered by the market as the representative works of hot money.


  Last year, CSRC strictly investigated the speculation of sub-new shares.

  Subsequently, the CSRC launched a high-profile investigation. On April 14th, last year, Zhang Xiaojun, spokesperson of the CSRC, revealed to the outside world that the CSRC deployed the second batch of 16 cases of special enforcement actions in 2017, and relevant investigations have been carried out in an all-round way for vicious operations such as sub-IPO, and important breakthroughs have been made in key cases. The characteristics of these cases are as follows: first, maliciously taking advantage of the low price-earnings ratio of sub-new shares, using multiple accounts to quickly raise the stock price, and luring individual stock prices to skyrocket and plummet; The second is to use accounts with obvious geographical areas in batches, take advantage of funds, and use methods such as "lifting accounts" to speculate on multiple stocks, which has obvious gang characteristics; Third, the controlling shareholders of listed companies and other stakeholders illegally manipulate the content of information disclosure and the combination of light and dark with market institutions, and jointly manipulate the company’s share price with the intention of illegally making profits through high cash.

  Text/reporter Liu Shenliang

  related news

  Nearly 900 million "folk masters" who manipulated essence pharmaceutical to make profits were investigated.

  At the special press conference on inspection and law enforcement held by the Securities and Futures Commission yesterday, the market paid attention to "Gao was suspected of manipulating the stock price of essence pharmaceutical". The scale of funds involved in this case was as high as 2 billion yuan, and the sources of funds were many movie stars, entrepreneurs and company executives.

  According to the investigators of the CSRC, during the manipulation of essence pharmaceutical stock price, Gao controlled and used 16 accounts, including umbrella trust accounts and personal accounts. The profit of the account group is close to 900 million yuan, which is the case investigated and dealt with by the CSRC, and the case of manipulating the price of a single stock has the highest profit. At present, the case has been investigated and heard, and the procedure of prior notification of administrative punishment has been fulfilled, and it is planned to be punished in the near future.

  According to the investigators, Gao, a person involved in the case, is known as the champion of the folk stock trading competition. He once set up a securities investment course in a well-known university and taught securities investment skills, which attracted many people to operate stock accounts on his behalf. With private equity fund management company as a platform, Gao has attracted many high-net-worth clients to entrust him to manage securities accounts. The accounts involved include umbrella trust accounts and multiple natural person accounts. Among natural person accounts, there are many celebrity accounts, among which there are many first-line movie stars, well-known entrepreneurs and company executives.

  In addition, the CSRC also notified the case of illegal disclosure of cobalt and nickel information in Hua Ze. On January 23rd, China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a decision on the administrative punishment of Hua Ze Cobalt and Nickel, giving Hua Ze Cobalt and Nickel a warning and a maximum penalty of 600,000 yuan, giving 18 responsible persons a warning and a fine of 30,000 to 900,000 yuan respectively, and banning three people, including Hua Ze Cobalt and Nickel, from the market.

  Text/reporter Liu Shenliang

China version of "Raptor" domineering Great Wall "X cannon" interior exposure technology dual screen+new gear handle

Full-size pickup trucks have always been very popular in Europe and America, and large-size, highly comfortable and multifunctional full-size pickup trucks can meet their full scene needs. Whether it is traveling, pulling goods or daily transportation, pickup trucks can all be "competent". It can be said that a pickup truck is in hand and the basic life is worry-free.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Cybertruck caused widespread concern after its appearance. The pure electric pickup F-150 Lightning exploded directly after its listing, which was highly sought after by American consumers.

In the domestic market, fans’ attention to full-size pickup trucks has been escalating. From the beginning, domestic pickup trucks have been constantly refreshing their performance and comfort. At the Shanghai Auto Show, the family’s first full-size pickup truck "X Gun" was unveiled, focusing on the eyes in the circle. Recently, this model has ushered in new news. The interior of this model is exposed, rich in configuration and more luxurious than the Raptor.

Judging from the exposed interior pictures, the "X Gun" uses a matching color scheme of milky white and brown in the interior, and the interior is covered with a large area of leather, which looks more luxurious than ordinary luxury models. Moreover, the internal brown material is made of woven workmanship, which is unique and the stitching is very fine, which enhances the texture and luxury of the whole car. If you only look at the interior, most people will not think that this is the interior of a pickup truck, and it may be directly positioned in the interior of a large luxury car.

At the same time, the scientific and technological equipment inside the "X gun" is not backward at all. The new car adopts a new style of suspended LCD instrument panel and a large-size central control display screen. Now, it is ahead of the industry in terms of intelligence. In mass production models, it will be equipped with a highly intelligent car system, which can realize multiple online operations, including navigation, voice, entertainment, etc. It can be said that it does not fall in the wind in creating a sense of science and technology.

Moreover, the "X gun" adopts a brand-new style of gear handle, plus a piano paint-painted decorative board, as well as a steering wheel wrapped in white leather and seat headrests on both sides decorated with LOGO embroidery, which is simply a luxurious moving space.

In terms of power, the car applied the latest 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine to this "big guy" and matched the 9-speed automatic manual transmission. It can be said that this power system is very competitive, at least, in the domestic pickup truck models, it definitely belongs to the strong inner core. Chassis, the car is equipped with front and rear double wishbone independent air suspension, this set of "luxury" equipment is full, directly raising the level of "X gun". Moreover, the new car will also be equipped with an all-terrain recognition feedback system, which will make it easy to cross mountains and rivers, and the off-road ability is strong.

Ghost fighting car view: In the past, all the full-size pickups running on the streets in China were imported, such as, and so on. However, now, cars are constantly introducing high-end new products in pickup trucks. This "X gun" is very exciting, showing new heights in luxury, performance and design, and the domestic version of "Raptor" will soon appear. So, what do fans think of this model? Leave a message for Ghost Brother.

Global sales of new energy vehicles are growing rapidly, and power batteries are in short supply.

  This year, the automobile industry has been challenged by the supply chain. At present, the shortage of automotive chips is widely affecting the normal production of vehicle factories. Now, the "core shortage" has not eased, and the "battery shortage" has come again. Beginning in the second quarter, new energy vehicles with long-term sales began to encounter a crisis of battery supply shortage.

  The shortage of market demand has made power battery manufacturers the darling of the capital market. Taking Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited as an example, as of the close of July 13th, the total market value exceeded 13 trillion yuan. On the one hand, the market and capital are both improving, and on the other hand, the supply of power batteries for new energy vehicles is insufficient.

  Market status:

  Battery supply becomes a new bottleneck

  Tucki, Weilai, Tesla and other new energy car companies mentioned in unison this year that battery supply will become the "bottleneck" in the second half of the year. Previously, in order to get the battery smoothly, Xpeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng was exposed to be in Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited for a week in the second quarter. Although this incident was later denied by He Xiaopeng, it also confirmed the existence of "battery shortage". Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, said at the shareholders’ meeting held in late May this year that the recent urging of customers "made him unbearable".

  The tight supply of power batteries has long been a harbinger. In February last year, Audi publicly admitted that e-tron was temporarily discontinued due to insufficient supply of power batteries; In the same period, Jaguar I-PACE was also exposed to production suspension due to the supply problem of LG power battery. This year, Tesla CEO Musk bluntly said that the battery "how much the supplier gives, how much Tesla will buy". At the beginning of March this year, Li Bin, the founder of Weilai, made a special mention of the topic that "the battery supply chain will become the biggest bottleneck" in the earnings conference call, and roughly estimated that the battery shortage would affect about 7,500 vehicles in the second quarter.

  At present, the production capacity of many power battery manufacturers has been overloaded. Yiwei Lithium Energy revealed in the recent announcement that the company’s existing venues and production lines have been running at full capacity, and the demand will still be in short supply in the past year.

  Probe into the cause:

  The production and sales of new energy vehicles have soared.

  According to industry analysis, one of the main reasons for the "battery shortage" is the rapid expansion of demand for new energy vehicles in the past year or two. According to the statistics of market organization EV Volumes, in 2020, 3.24 million new energy vehicles were sold worldwide, up 43% year-on-year. The China market, where new energy vehicles are growing rapidly, has a greater demand for batteries. According to the latest statistics of China Automobile Association, from January to June this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China both exceeded 1.2 million, with a year-on-year increase of two times.

  Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the All-China Federation of Passengers, said that the forecast of battery demand in the automobile industry is far from the actual demand, which aggravated the impact of the "battery shortage". Wang Shijie, general manager of the first division of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, revealed: "The shortage of batteries has a great impact, and the completion rate of production and sales of key domestic OEMs is different from the completion of the annual task target."

  SNE Research, a global emerging energy market research organization, predicts that by 2023, the global demand for power batteries for electric vehicles will reach 406 GWH, while the supply of power batteries is expected to be 335 GWH, with a gap of about 18%. By 2025, this gap will expand to about 40%.


  Raw materials have risen in price due to shortage of supply.

  Power batteries are in short supply, and battery raw materials are rising in price. Previously, Zeng Yuqun said frankly at the shareholders’ meeting: "The (current) rise in raw material prices has a greater impact on the company’s cost, but the extent to which (materials) need to be passed to the downstream is still under consideration."

  Taking lithium carbonate as an example, it is an indispensable raw material for cathode materials and electrolyte of lithium batteries, and its price has also fluctuated greatly in the past year. At the same time, the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate has also increased. What is more noteworthy is that the resources of lithium, cobalt and nickel ore are mostly concentrated overseas and monopolized by Head Mining Group. The electrolyte capacity is insufficient and the expansion period is long, which leads to the fluctuation of battery raw material prices. Wang Shijie pointed out that the supply of raw materials and mineral resources in the upstream is difficult to achieve rapid expansion in the short term.

  The problems of battery shortage and rising raw materials have begun to spread downstream. The reporter checked the market price and found that due to the price increase of battery raw materials, the cost of battery materials increased by about 25%~30% compared with the same period of last year, and the cost of the overall battery PACK (including pack) increased by about 15%-20%. Affected by rising costs, many battery suppliers have issued price adjustment letters this year, hoping to raise the battery price.

  There are two ways to expand production capacity and new technology.

  Crack 1: expand production or build your own factory

  The reporter learned that in order to alleviate the "battery shortage", many power battery companies have officially announced the expansion of production. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited said that at present, the production capacity is being expanded, which will take 2-3 years and 3-5 years. Carmakers are also seeking changes, and self-built battery factories are the choice of some car companies with strong financial resources. For example, Tesla, BMW, BYD, etc. have participated in the battle for upstream lithium resources to achieve self-sufficiency in batteries. Automobile manufacturers that have not chosen to independently develop batteries also give priority to in-depth cooperation with battery suppliers to jointly establish battery factories. For example, Volkswagen announced on July 13th that it would cooperate with Guoxuan Hi-Tech to promote the industrial production of battery cells in Germany.

  The data shows that there are nearly 300 solid-state battery-related enterprises in China, of which as many as 48% are established within 5 years, and only 20% are established for more than 15 years, which means that the mature development of battery industry still needs a process. In a short time, new energy vehicles will also face the situation that batteries are "robbed".

  Crack 2: develop a new form of battery

  In addition, more stable new forms of batteries are also being explored, such as solid-state batteries. Weilai Automobile took the lead in releasing the self-developed solid-state battery pack in June this year, which is expected to be commercialized in the fourth quarter of 2022. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited also plans to release a solid-state battery named after "sodium ion" in July this year, but Zeng Yuqun admits that the real commercialization of solid-state batteries still has a long way to go. In this regard, LG Chem believes that all-solid-state batteries will be commercialized between 2025 and 2027; Panasonic will not launch electric vehicles using solid-state batteries until 2025. In addition, Volkswagen Group and BMW Group also believe that it will not be until 2025 to launch a prototype equipped with solid-state batteries.

  Look to the future:

  The supply chain will affect the survival of car companies.

  The reporter recently visited the local new energy vehicle dealership and noticed that the current supply and price of new energy vehicles are still in a stable situation. However, the staff of direct stores of new brands such as "Wei Xiaoli" told reporters that if the supply of power batteries fails to ease, in the long run, the price of new energy vehicles will be firmer and the delivery time will be longer. For example, the model that was originally delivered in two months may be extended to four or five months.

  Undoubtedly, the contradiction between the tight supply and price increase of upstream suppliers and the strong demand of downstream will inevitably gradually affect the output of new energy vehicles. For consumers, the most direct impact is that new cars cannot be mentioned as scheduled, or the price of some new cars is higher than before due to the tight supply of batteries. For car companies, the "battery shortage" not only hinders the pace of releasing new cars, but also affects their plans to deliver new cars, which is ultimately unfavorable to the overall revenue market.

  In any case, from the "core shortage" to the "battery shortage", the battle for resources about the future of automobiles is constantly being staged. Finding a better supply chain solution and getting rid of the dilemma of being stuck in the neck is an urgent matter related to the survival and development of every car company.

The price of Krypton 001 in Zhaoqing has been greatly reduced! The discount is 37,000, so act quickly.

[car home Zhaoqing Preferential Promotion Channel] is currently carrying out preferential promotion activities in Zhaoqing, with the highest preferential amount reaching 37,000 and the lowest starting price of 269,000. If you are interested in this model, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. As an electric vehicle that has attracted much attention, Krypton 001 not only has excellent performance, but also has advanced technology configuration and comfortable driving experience. Now it’s the promotion period, so come and find out!

Krypton 001 is a stylish and dynamic electric vehicle. Its front face design adopts streamlined lines and sharp headlights, which makes the whole car look very dynamic. The air intake grille adopts a closed design, which highlights the characteristics of electric vehicles. At the same time, the side lines of the car body are smooth and the roof lines are tilted backwards, creating a dynamic visual effect. In terms of overall style, Krypton 001 adopts a simple and modern design style, which is very in line with the aesthetics of young people. The body lines are simple and smooth, and the design of the front and rear is very exquisite. The whole car looks very fashionable and atmospheric. At the same time, Krypton 001 is also equipped with some high-tech elements, such as hidden door handles and borderless doors, which make the whole vehicle more fashionable and full of technology. In a word, the design of Krypton 001 is excellent, which is both modern and in line with the aesthetics of young people.

Extreme Krypton 001 is a medium-sized and large-sized vehicle with a body size of 4977*1999*1533mm and a wheelbase of 3005mm, which has a large interior space. The lines on the side of the car are smooth, showing a dynamic line design. The front and rear wheel tracks are 1703mm and 1716mm, respectively. The front tyre size is 255/55 R19, and the rear tyre size is also 255/55 R19. The overall tire size is larger, which improves the stability and handling of the vehicle. The rim style of Krypton 001 is fashionable and atmospheric, which adds a lot of color to the overall appearance.

The interior design of Krypton 001 is fashionable and exquisite, and a large number of high-grade materials are used to create a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather and supports electric up and down+front and rear adjustment, so that the driver can easily adjust to the most comfortable position. The central control screen has a size of 15.05 inches and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning, and the operation is convenient and quick. The front row is equipped with two Type-C and two USB ports, and the rear row also has two Type-C ports, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The seat is made of leather, and the front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support can be adjusted. The driver’s seat and the co-pilot seat are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions to provide a more comfortable driving experience. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, providing more space and convenience for passengers. Generally speaking, the interior design and configuration of Krypton 001 are excellent, which brings excellent driving experience to drivers and passengers.

Extreme Krypton 001 is an electric vehicle with strong power, its maximum power reaches 580 kW, and its maximum torque is as high as 810 N·m, which brings a surging driving experience to drivers. This model adopts advanced electric technology, which not only has excellent acceleration performance, but also has high energy efficiency and reliability. It is a new energy vehicle worth looking forward to.

Before concluding this article, we would also like to express our gratitude to the owner of car home for sharing his experience in using Krypton 001. From his comments, we can see that Krypton 001 has been recognized by him in appearance, especially the design of the front, which reminds him of a classic luxury sports car Paramera. At the same time, he also mentioned that Krypton 001 is called the "Pentagon Warrior" and can perform well in all aspects. This proves once again that Krypton 001 is excellent in design and performance, and also shows its competitiveness in the market. Thank you @fxiaoming112 for your evaluation of the Krypton 001. I also expect more car owners to share their experience, so that more potential consumers can have a more comprehensive understanding of this car.